Gravel Racing Tires

Hi everyone.

I have a gravel race coming up and I am having difficulties choosing a tire. I am currently running Gravelking SK TLC 700x38C tires and zipp 303 FC wheels.

I know this question may be similar to other posts but it is specific to my situation.

This race is about 40/60 road to gravel. The beginning of the race has an hour long road climb, and then it turns into mostly well groomed gravel.

I purchased some Continental Terra Speed 700x35c because of the rolling resistance and weight benefits and the course layout. However, when I weighed the tires, they arent as light as advertised on BRR, they are updated for E bikes and so are a little heavier. Around 420 grams a piece, so about the same or a little more than the GKs.

Should I install them or just return them and continue with the GKs? I have no problem with the GKs so far and have raced them twice. They do well, but I was thinking of maximizing my advantage on this climb with rolling resistance and weight, and it seems my only benefit now is rolling resistance.

Am I overthinking this? Thoughts? I do have the potential to win the open category for this distance.

If you are comfortable on the GK’s, I’d stick with them. They are a very good tire on mixed surfaces and you will be more confident in their handling on the gravel sections since you have a lot of experience riding on them. The extra volume may be a benefit because you will be able to run a little lower pressure too.

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I have a similar race coming up as well. And I’m thinking about running the original gravel kings the slick ones. They seem to do pretty well on gravel and we’ll do really well on the road portion what’s everyone else’s thoughts on the original gravel kings

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I haven’t used them but it’s an option. Are you racing in Washington by chance?

No its on ohio. 50/50 road to gravel

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Gravelking SS are great for mixed surface, as are Specialized pathfinder. Both roll fast on tarmac and get the job done on gavel.