Tips/excersises during workouts


I’m really amazed by TR so far. Love the workouts. However the graphs are really “boring” if you are not entertained by something else. Is there a way to see if your recommended workout the current day has some exercises in it or do you know that only when it’s started already? I haven’t been able to find a pattern on when there is and when there isn’t?

I find the workouts ok with loud music IF there are instructions (pedaling drills, positioning etc). However I have not been able to figure out when there is and when there is not. If there is only a graph to look at I find the workouts really hard and I need something else to distract my mind becides a timer. That could be zwift or a movie (if it isn’t at threshold level).

And last question (not important, just annoying). How come my workouts shows km different on garming and strava? Yesterday I had 31km on garmin and 48km on strava


  • Yes, on the web you can open workouts and see the following section for “Instructions” with a Yes or No to having them:

  • I believe there is a similar visibility when you open the workout on mobile and desktop apps, but need to confirm that.

  • Check out two connected articles in the TR support site:


Regarding the virtual speed that one is already set under settings. When riding on TR and Zwift at the same time I can see that those are about the same , so all good there. However the saved workout from TR shows way different length on Garming Connect and Strava which I find really weird?

Don’t ask me why but per the TR info, the virtual speed data only applies to Strava. If you link TR straight to Garmin, it gets the old (bad) info per the one link above, not the virtual version.

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