Speed differances TR - Garmin Connect - Strava

So after TR sessions my Avg and Max speeds are considerably different on Garmin Connect and Strava. I do not pause on my TR sessions. Speed on Strava is always less. I.E. a recent TR workout avg speed was 22.8 on GC and 18.4 on Strava, max speed was 24.2 on GC and 20.3 on Strava. Based on my effort I feel GC is most accurate, really. I did notice that Strava only pulls the Power Avg from TR, and not a Power Max. Could this be the reason for the speed differences, or is it something else?

A likely factor is if you have Virtual Speed enabled in TR, that affects only Strava data but not Garmin Connect.


@mcneese.chad is probably right. I’d check to see if you have Virtual Speed and Distance enabled.

We find it’s the best representation of real-world speed and distance based on your data in a physics model.