Garmin/ TR sync to Garmin Connect vs TR to Strava

Wondering why such a difference in the 2 syncs

If you’re talking about the speed and distance info, perhaps one or both of these are related.

After much unsuccessful messing around, I never could get TR (and/or my Tacx Neo 2) to register zero speed and distance, or at least to report zero to Strava and Training Peaks.

So now I have my Wahoo (speedplay) power meters connected to the TR iPhone app (to control the Tacx) and also connected to my Garmin head unit (to record a zero distance/zero speed “indoor” ride for Strava and TP). I don’t sync TR to either.

I do have to start and stop the Garmin activity, and hit the lap button for intervals if I want them, manually.

And after re-reading my reply, I realize that I have way too many apps and gadgets! I guess it occupies my brain a bit waiting 'til I can get back outside…