Timing chip aero question

At the risk of Being slated I’ve got to ask the question,
Had anyone ever thought of the negative effects of the timing chip that you strap on your ankle in a triathlon? I always wear the big ol foam band with the plastic chip sticking directly into the wind,
Any thoughts on having the chip behind the leg?
Or using your own modified slimmed down chip strap? ( like a bit of elastic lace or something) just a thought for marginal gains

I think of this every time I strap that thing to my ankle. I want to know too.

There is so much turbulence around your feet I doubt it makes any real world difference.

But yeah, those tri chips are huge, like prisoner monitoring trackers. I’ve only done one, off-road, tri, in recent years but I was amazed at the lump that was the chip.

We were issued them at a MTB race a few months back and someone said “they go on your arm”.
A few of us looked at each other in puzzled amazement and strapped them to our ankles.

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that’s why it’s important to do a course recce to figure out what leg to put the chip on, as you will corner faster into one direction over the other


Somebody ripped my timing chip off during the swim once. I had to dive for it.

In the interest of time I stuffed it down my shorts instead of putting it back on my ankle. Seemed to work ok. Probably more aero.

“Is that a timing chip in your shorts or are you just happy to see me?”


Most of the USA Cycling sanctioned bike races are introducing chip timing this year - with the chip mounted on your front fork. Probably losing a watt or two, but I guess so it everyone else! :grinning:

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