Clip on TT bars. Worth the hassle?

I’m starting my first series of ITTs in 4 weeks. Are clip on aero bars worth investing in or more hassle than their worth?


I had the same question for my ultra endurance (though not competitive per se) events.

Figured it will give me more hand and posture positions and will also provide focus in training for aero position.

Can’t see why you wouldn’t want them for ITTs

I’d say they’re the best investment you can make for an ITT (assuming you can’t afford an upgrade to a TT bike, like me :slight_smile:). I knocked over 1 min off my 10 mile TT time just by adding clip-on aero bars. They only cost around £30 as well.

Yes, clip-ons are definitely worth using for aero position and tt’s.

If they fit and you can ride them then from what I’ve seen they represent some of the best savings per $ spent. Estimates are around a 2 minute saving for a 40km TT.

If your ITT’s start in 4 weeks I’d get them sooner rather than later… they take some getting used to at first if you’ve never used them before, so you’ll definitely need a few rides getting used to the new position.


Certainly worth it. I bought some and they arrived just before a weekly 10mile TT race I regularly enter. Screwed them on and rode to the race. Did the race…knocked 45 secs off PB.

Just make sure they fit your bike.

I bought some and the way my cables are wired they won’t clip on! Waste of money until it’s time to redo my bartape as i’m too lazy to unwrap and sort :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in the same position last season, doing my first TTs. Got the bars 3 weeks before first race – yikes! Riding aerobars is a completely different world than riding aero on regular drop bars. You WILL need to practice, not just for power output but first and foremost for bike handling skills, esp if there’s wind!

Clip-ons are well worth the money and hassle. Be sure to get them set up properly (another reason to get them early!). Search the used for sale sites, there’s always some available for cheap and in great condition. Good luck!

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:grin: “yikes”… very similar to my first experience using them! Love them now though.

I asked the very same question of a very seasoned triathlete, with the answer being yes, but only if you stay on them. Otherwise you are just carrying weight around with you.

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Clip on aerobars are the only bike upgrade where I didn’t have to tease the gain out from analyzing ride data.

Regardless of what the temperature was, what the wind was like, if it was raining, what my tire pressure was, if the course was hilly, if the course was flat…

Clip on bars are faster. No need to crunch data or do a bunch of rides. It will be obvious.

From a more practical standpoint, it’s super handy to hang your bibs off one aero bar and your jersey off the other. You can lay a tablet across the aerobars while you’re on the trainer. If you like a super big font on your cue sheet the aerobars are a great place to mount an oversized cue sheet. If you like to have three headunits running at the same time there is plenty of room on your aerobars to mount them.