Time Trial Tactic

All the good time! I am writing for the first time on this forum. Doing a bicycle for 3 years. How is the correct tactic of driving a TT race for 20 km? The track at first has a bias and it is easy to go then after a turn, it becomes very difficult to maintain speed, and I don’t even speak about increasing the speed. My height is 189 weight 89, I no longer believe that I can reach an average speed of 38

Are you talking about a course that goes downhill until a turn, and then goes back up the hill to the finish? How sharp is the hill?

I would not say, after the turn I can not raise the speed, I don `t know how to drive correctly so that the forces remain after the turn

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If you look at the top performer there, the guy went at his goal speed of 37kph avg. It means he went downhill spending very little energy and then upped the power on the uphill.
If that is too complicated, then going at constant power will give you a good result too. So either decide your speed or power and adhere to numbers.

If there is wind, take that into consideration and bias your effort accordingly.

It is important to warm up well before, shorter the TT, longer the warm up should be. Also worth not to go too hard at the start as it will feel easy.

It’s a short TT (under 15km), and it has a significant height change (~50m from start to turn), and it’s pretty straight. Personally, I’d give it a push to get my speed as high as reasonable at the start, try to maintain that with a lowish power and focusing mainly on getting as aero as possible until the turn, and then aim to hit a maximum power for the duration you think will get you home (15 minutes or so?). The latter bit I’d try to keep as consistent as possible, once I was out of the turn and back up to speed. That might be quite vague, but you probably get the picture.

I’m finishing my specialization TT 40k, people who overtake me in this race do not believe that it is possible to increase the speed working indoors on the simulator and if I lose it will be tough: (I was warming up at the last race, but after the U-turn I immediately realized that I can not raise the speed, you need to go with very little energy in the first part of the race and look at it

Thanks to everyone who came back! You give me hope