How important is to take some time without the bike before new season


how much important is to take some time with no riding at all?
My plan is to start with mid volume SSB 1 on the 1st of December. I have planed to take 10 days with no riding but is not that easy :slight_smile: Today is my fourth day and I just want to go outside and ride and that means that I’m not burned and maybe I don’t need to take the complete rest.

I didn’t do too much this season (~9k km), I’m a 32yrs old and 4.6 w/kg. Last month I didn’t do any structure and I just rode 3-4 times a week…

If it is important how much will be enough?

A week?

By all means, ride your bike if you feel like doing it. You don’t have to take any arbitrary number of days off.

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If you’re a pro riding 50-100 races a year with being away from home for 11 months a break may be important.

I don’t think this translates to folks who do this for enjoyment. If you feel you need a break, take break. If not, carry on.

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Take a break from trainerroad and structured training but keep riding, but do something different. Ride outside, ride long zone 2,zwift racing, strava kom hunting, group rides.