Time crunching SB1 to 30 minutes and adjusting FTP 20% down for recovery

I’ve let my knee rest for full 2 months now and now I want to give it a careful go again. I still have some churning, so I’ll listen carefully to my knee.

To start with, I want to run the SB1 program, but with 30 minute workouts instead of the ususal 1-1,5 hour. (I set my FTP 20% down).

I can’t pick a variant when I go to the workout that changes time to 30 minutes. They just change intensity. The strange thing is, that I could swear that it was possible the first time I ran SB1.

Short: How do I set all workouts of SB1 to 30 minutes? (I’d be fine with having to pick variant at every ride).

If you are going 20% less ftp why not just do Taku at normal ftp. When that feels good try the time crunch 30 plan in the specialty section. I don’t think trying to do ssb in reduced time would be a great idea as usually needs some volume to be effective.

What is Taku? - EDIT: I see, so Taku for 6 weeks until I’m good. Might not be a bad idea actually, though very monotone.

I think my FTP was wrong. I did complete the ramp test for 215, but I hurt my knee doing it. I don’t want to run that intensity until I know my knee will handle it. Also I dont want to run an FTP test. I know how 215 feels. I think 20% off while listening carefully to me knee will be a good idea.

Also time under tension would be 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes. I havent really biked other than for transport for a couple of years. So 30 minutes is more capable. I still feel okay fast when I commute, but I dont push down with my bad knee, I do every other movement in the cycle on that side.