Tiktok ... am I missing out?

It’s gotten to the point where even my parents have Tiktok. I tried once and 3 hours vanished out of think air so I told myself to never go back.

But the question is, am I missing out on any good cycling content by not being on Tiktok? I do have Instagram and love that for cycling related content.



Good call. My kids got me onto TikTok for a while and I discovered it is very addictive to watch and accordingly it is a HUGE time suck! So while I still glance at it occasionally, usually only if my kids send me something to watch, I try to stay off because it’s a waste of time.


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You aren’t missing anything by foregoing social media. I’m sure they’d love your data and sell some ads for you to look at though.

If the product is free, you are the product… :grimacing:


From my experience all the social networks are extremely addicted so i didn’t even bother myself to register on tiktok. Prefer to live real life and spend more quality time with my family

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This was me when i tried to look at tiktok the other day…


I got thrown in FB jail…again…

Not being on social media is kinda a win.


I got off all social media years ago, (no twitter, facebook, instagram, tiktok, etc) never looked back. I kind of want to get on instagram, but facebook owns it so I won’t. My oldest daughter sends me a weekly tiktok video she feels I would find amusing, yeah most of them are funny, but I don’t want to watch one minute video clips for hours on end.


I got rid of all social media, such an effing pointless waste of time (for me :wink:) - strava and a couple of forums is the closest I get these days

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Y’all do realise you don’t have to spend hours a day on social media, right? I just use it when I’m waiting in line or on the train or whatever.

If you think it sounds interesting, get it. If it’s not for you, delete it.