Ditching Facebook

After 10 years on FB I’ve decided it time to leave it. I’m sure they have all of the information about me by now that they’re ever going to need.

I’ll definitely miss the TR group though.

I’m just sick of the whole FB thing now.

Anyone else here ditched FB?

HNY everyone when it comes


I just created a new MI-XC Facebook account where I accept no friends and follow only cycling related pages. So I still keep up to date with all my interests without all the BS.


That is a fantastic idea!!

Ditched facebook years ago and don’t miss a thing.


I only use FB for cycling related things. I think it would be beneficial to this site if the TR AACC page was closed and this was the only forum.


I thought this forum was supposed to supplant the FB group? But I just took a peek and there’s still a bunch of activity over there.

I wonder why people haven’t moved over: Too hard to break old habits, or is there something compelling about the FB group that this forum is lacking?

Hmmm… :thinking:

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Good idea

I quit facebook in May 2017. Took a good 3-4 months to get out of the habit of checking status updates, etc.
. I was worried about losing touch with folks. After a few months I realized that I was “trimming the fat” – I keep in touch with people I care about.

There were so many things that seemed beneficial about F.B. but after a few months away I realized I just got used to a lower bar for conversation, advice, etc.


Been wanting to ditch FB for a while. Maybe a new years resolution I can actually do! :grin:


The easiest way is to just delete your account. If you care, make sure to download all the photos/history you’ve uploaded. I found a few gems in there that I’m glad I didn’t lose — photos from my first crit, first ride in the mountains, etc.


Yeah, for clarity, this forum has NOTHING connected to FB. So if @GeorgeAnderson leaves FB, the forum is still very much here for him.

As to the FB groups, I was a lead proponent for making the forum after the FB AACC group really took hold. The initial feedback and votes in the poll leaned hard to staying in FB. Most common reason was to not have “another” place to go.

So I suspect some may never make the jump, for that reason. Others might after they try the forum and see how much better the experience.

I watch the user numbers closely and the forum still lags behind the FB group size, but it’s close now.

I still follow the FB group, and often place links to the good content here when someone asks a question we already covered. Gentle reminder and example. :slight_smile:


I am a member of many groups on FB and still find forums like this to be far superior. FB organizes things in ways I just don’t understand. I see the same posts over and over and somehow miss many of the new posts. So I spend about 5 min a day on FB buzzing through whatever BS FB decides I NEED to see, then get frustrated and bored and leave.

Facebook is a factory farm for the attention and data of its livestock. Click “Like” and say moo.

I’ve been out since ‘10. The only downside is that if there’s a local cycling event, guess where it’s promoted. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

FB bad, I had it for about a month a few years back and then got annoyed and deleted everything. I don’t really do anything social media related except for this forum and Strava. I miss out on a few things occasionally but I’m OK with that.

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I’ve found this with a lot of cycling and non-cycling stuff. Lots of organisations which insist on using Facebook for their events even if they have their own website.


I did it and it’s the best! No longer forced to know way more about people than I would ever want to know.
I am on a team that uses it it so I kinda had to recreate a profile, but I don’t accept friend requests or use the Facebook app.
Once Instagram starts acting up I’ll probably leave that too :man_shrugging:t5:

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I quit Facebook and Twitter at the end of 2016. Quitting Twitter felt great and I didn’t miss it at all. Facebook… that’s been tougher. There are several people in my life who only communicate via Facebook. They can’t or won’t do email any more.

Then of course there are the groups like the Rocker Plate group that I have to miss entirely because I’m not on Facebook (cough cough cough @mcneese.chad cough cough cough). I really wish I could see and contribute to that content, but my desire to not be on Facebook is greater than my desire to visit such groups.

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I ditched it over 6 years ago. The other half ditched his this spring. We don’t really miss it.

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@Mark_Rebuck, yeah. Sorry about that.

I’m lazy and kinda cheap, so I am using it as the platform for now. Setting up a dedicated forum for RPs would be the best, but requires $ and time to make happen. We are over 4100 members and I’d love the controls like we have here.

I may just have to bite the bullet and look into it at some point (soon?).

For now I have our small thread here that you are welcome to use and I will pull in any relevant info from the FB side that you would need. Not the same as the freedom to browse on your own, but I’m happy to help any way I can.

Ditched FB many years ago, after my dad stopped posting family pics there. Personally I’m annoyed by any company or group that only sets up shop on FB. My college kids never bothered to get FB accounts, its all Snap and Instagram.

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