Data Diet: How unplugging can actually improve your cycling (and your life)

I skimmed this and find it very interesting. It parallels a trend where I started with nothing, added more and more info/data, and am now regressing a bit to a reduced amount of data.

I might be around a 4, for a 1-10 data scale, with 1 being not tech/data and 10 being super deep and extensive data.


“It is as if more athletes are training to train instead of training to race.” THIS!!

Judging by this Forum, many TR users are fighting this tendency - particularly in terms of training for a higher FTP. I catch myself thinking this way from time to time.

My outdoor rides are my escape from data. I have my Garmin and Power Meter, but I don’t pay much attention to my power while riding. Outdoors I try to go on feel and look at my data afterwards.

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I preach this so much. I see dudes going on about numbers ad nauseum.

I love TR… Its motivation and focus for the winter. But all this riding is so I can get out and jam all summer. I use a PM on my trainer. Bought a second one for outside… The first time I went out it didn’t pair. I didn’t even try to figure it out. I honestly don’t care that much. Through the summer I just go by perceived effort. It’s how I trained for years. Maybe not the best but who gives a shit. I’m just a Cat 3 trying to have fun.

I’ll likely get it working before spring really starts just so I can take a look at a ride after but that’s about it.

I see people on this forum so worried about failing and interval, worrying their FTP is off by a few watts, worrying about not putting out smooth watts. I’ve done it too but at the end of the day that stuff really doesn’t matter.

Also… If you’re a data nerd keep the data nerding to a minimum on the group ride. Nothing ruins a group ride more (for me) than someone going on about their numbers… Or worse… Complaining about the pace because it doesn’t work for them.

Do your work. Have your fun. Ride without a computer every now and then. Turn your power off for a race too. It’s important to not use it as a crutch and learn by feel. I bet youll even be surprised by the numbers afterwards. I find it’s easier to go hard if I’m not worried about burning matches.

Enough rambling… I’m going to go stare at a blue graph in the basement for a bit :wink: