Threshold is kicking my ass / Repeat a week of Build?

I’m about to finish Week 2 of Sustained Power Build. The first two weeks were OK, but i’m feeling that i’m struggling perhaps TOO much to complete the Threshold workouts at the target TSS. I’m getting through them, but i’ve got to back off the intensity and go from 100% to 98%. So, kind of close, but not all the way there. The long power intervals are fine.

Question: Should i just re-do the first two weeks and get some practice at threshold at this volume before moving on to more ? I’d just add a couple weeks onto the “build” part of the plan. Or, should i stay on schedule, and keep adjusting the intensity as needed.

Some background:

  • 51, recreational MTB and gravel racer. Do about 6 centuries and 100 MTB races a year. Mid-pack, back of the pack MAMIL
  • I wouldn’t mind at all adding a couple weeks to the Build phase
  • Training for Lutsen99er and a couple 100 mile gravel races. Might do Leadville Stage Race
  • Goal: Have fun, don’t crash, do a tiny bit better than last year. Winning/placing/performance rarely is even a thought.
  • I’m still recovering a bit from a Total Knee Replacement

I’d recommend just keep going, Sustained Power Build is designed to be challenging, and dropping intensity is what that slider is there for :sunglasses:


I had the same issue and couldn’t complete a few workouts.

I ended up editing some (making the efforts shorter and some of the rest intervals longer) and kept going. But after ending the first block, and having the time, I’ll probably add another week in there just to get used to those long efforts at/near threshold. They are HARD!

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I am also at the end of week 2 of General Build, and I find the Threshold workouts extremely hard.
Long SweetSpot work (Antelope +5) and VO2 Max (Baird +6), even a Sprint/Anaerobic workout (Spanish Needle -3) is perfectly fine and quite enjoyable, but Threshold work is just so incredibly hard (Fang Mountain +1). I manage them, but they do take a heck of a lot out of me.
I am happy that the Build Phase is only 3 hard weeks, then an easy week (Twice)… Build phase must be the toughest phase I think (I hope!!)

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I would recommend first for you to take a quick backpedal (10-15 secs) instead of reducing intensity. During a long interval, “allow” yourself 1 backpedal every 5 mins should you need it. Then when you get to that 5 minute mark see if you can push past it, all the way knowing you have that option in you back pocket at any time should you need it. It’s a nice security blanket that gives you a quick recovery to shed some lactate. Then while in that back pedal think of shedding lactate and you’re stronger afterwards (even though you won’t feel stronger).

As you get stronger you will need less and less backpedals at 100% intensity and challenge yourself to use as few as possible.

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Just got through a very ugly Donner. I left it at 100% and mashed to failure, short as possible back pedal and mashed through to the cool down. Lungs good, no legs. Maybe 5% down is a better strategy. I’m sure the less then good sleep didn’t help the situation.

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I got no advice for you but I understand the problem. Just started sustained build this week with a 6% increase in FTP and I had to go down 2-3% and stop a few times on Mount Goode today.

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