This week's Watt Bomb Award goes to leo1101

He who did legit hold ~370 watts for an hour on the trainer in erg mode. Not a ramp test result of 370 watts…legit pedalling at avg ~370W in erg mode on the trainer.

That’s a real workout.

Hour Record by leo1101 at Saturday, Feb 06 2021 - TrainerRoad


Strava feed…

Strava Cyclist Profile | Leo Kaftanski Ⓥ

An impressive w/kg FTP of 5.15 too :+1:

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Was this part of a competition? How do you find this?

Incredibly impressive.

I have a goal of 300W for an hour. I’m not there :neutral_face:

I am more impressed with his 20 min power - 423W. So in relation to his 20 min power, 370W for an hour does not seem so high percentage to be honest :slight_smile: Not to mention that @4ibanez made me accustomed to this kind of numbers (and a little sad to be honest ;))

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I use TR in ways that most people don’t. :crazy_face: One of these days they’ll probably block my IP addy. Just like those killjoys at the SEC.

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