This is Why I Don’t MTB

I have the utmost respect for all you MTB’ers, because this would be me:

Now, I have to admit, this one is pretty cool:


I would argue that mountain biking does not necessarily require you to do things most of these people in crashes are doing. It’s never 100% safe, but you don’t have to take risks you’re not comfortable taking either.

The morale of the story: go ride those trails, have fun.


Holy crap some of those were bad. Makes me wonder how bad the injuries were by some of the riders…especially the tree hits and wipeout going down the rock face. Man…made me hurt just seeing it.

Watch Friday Fails on YT from PinkBike….always good for a few :rofl: and a few :scream:


I send stuff WAY bigger than most people imagine. Plenty of jumps at my local trails that I have yet to see someone else do. I’ve seen lots of people look at them, but never try. Local bike park removed a jump I did because “it’s an accident waiting to happen” (I asked, and an excavator was used to build it).

I say all that so you can get a clear understanding when I say that crit racing scares the shit out of me.


I raced DH for a few seasons and found it to be safer than crit racing.


And that’s why I’m refusing to get myself a gopro. I know that as soon as I do that, I’l become a cocky showoff, and that will inevitably lead to my 15 seconds of fame on pinkbike channel.

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I tell people all the time you don’t need to “send it” to enjoy mtb. I don’t do jumps and mostly do intermediate single track stuff.


Road racing (crit) put me in the hospital with a concussion; mountain biking has not.

Take that for what it’s worth (which isn’t much).

As noted, there’s no need to “send it” on trail. And if you do, wear the right protective gear. No excuse for getting airborne or dropping into a blue or black line at a bike park without a full-face and probably some body armor.

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I think MTB is safer than road riding as you are much more in control of your own destiny. No cars to hit you. Much less chance of another cyclist taking you out.

Plus it’s just more fun. There. I said it. :rofl:


I saw Tom Pidcock descend at 60 mph in the tour, so now I am afraid of road biking.


Going by you’re post you dont do anything :joy:

They used to do that with no helmets and shit brakes. For decades.

Crazy mfers.


That is only if you really are in control. My wife says no to MTB as she knows the trouble I will get in.

That is my dream.

In Spain this year on a winding descent with blind curves. I was going fast and was brought to reality when the oncoming car came around a blind corner. Slowed down for rest of the descent.

People who “send it” with no skills are few and far between. That’s just a social media thing.

When you’re standing in front of a giant drop or jump, shit gets real and the vast majority of riders wuss out because their sense of self preservation rightfully kicks in. Every large feature looks 3X bigger and 3X steeper in person.


True. You do need to be intentful about skills development, and honest with yourself on your abilities. Plus, when riding, you’ve got to make a decision on the level of risk you’re willing to take.

It’s definitely possible to get good at MTB without many bad, or potentially bad, crashes. Slow steady progress over multiple years.

Just a reminder that mountain biking is more than just riding down a hill, gravity assisted, making big jumps. Check out some XC or marathon race videos to see what I mean.


Like this? :confounded:

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Yes, exactly. :smile:

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