People say crit racing is dangerous, but you mtn bikers are nuts! (Megavalanche 2018)

This is my first time seeing/hearing about Megavalanche but it looks absolutely insane!

Winner’s ride:

Dude from Pinkbike’s ride (two wipe outs in first few minutes!):

I’ll stick to fire roads, thank you very much!

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That looks fun! Google redbull rampage…

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I’ve always wanted to race Megavalanche and love that mass-start DH style of racing. I have a friend putting together a trip to race it this summer, but I’m not sure I could swing a trip to France with the flights being so expensive, along with a rental car, etc. It’s definitely on my bucket list and if I can’t make it happen in 2019, I’ll plan further ahead and attempt it in 2020.

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LOL, That looks like Chaos!

That’s awesome, Larry! Hope you’re able to make it happen. Maybe get @Nate_Pearson & @Jonathan to be Soignies! :slight_smile:

When I did La Marmotte in 2016 a load of Aussies turned up at the place we were staying for Megavalanche and it absolutely sounded insane. They did comment that we were also mad for riding 5000 of positive ascent meters but I think I’d rather be doing that!

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