Mountain of Hell

So when are the boys (@Jonathan @Nate_Pearson @chad) doing this race? :smiley:

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I’d love to know what sort of speeds they hit!
That looks insane, and fun, if I had those skills

Mind blowing!

The video does not show the 900+ who pile up in the first turn as soon as one falls. It turns into an ocean of fallen bikes. Only the first 50 or so escape this fate.

Going to say…somewhere between now and never, leaning heavily toward never. Tell ya what, if I’m around in 80 years and choose the ‘suicide by bike’ exit, I’ll reconsider.

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Awwww :frowning:
What if @Jonathan dares you @chad? :smiley:
How about this, consider it important work research :smiley: It’ll make a great race analysis video.…maybe from your hospital bed

Snow is soft anyway…

How did all these guys not die??