Too Funny (terrible training advice)

So Dylan Johnson is a very legit Ultra endurance MTB racer and coach at CTS.
This video is from his alter ego “backwards hat Dylan” too funny.
Dylan’s channel is worth checking out.


This is good, really good!

I guess it can be tough at times when you expose/present yourself in social media these days. Nice counterstrike.

Spot On! He should do more of these :rofl:

Impressive that he can keep this up for 6 minutes of deadpan. :laughing:

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Love it! I can think of an acquaintance or local cyclist for nearly every one of those anecdotes. Of course, someone is probably thinking of me for some of them too! :rofl:

“Power meters are for nerds”


That was very well done. +1

He should split these off it into its own channel as Nalyd “No pain No gain” Nosnhoj.

Are his training videos any good?

All his videos are good