Remove Categories on mobile view of forum?

Do we have to apply any update or wait for implementation of this?

I just checked and still see the problem covered above = no change for me right now.
(Android, Galaxy S9 if that matters).

There shouldn’t be an update needed – the Forum on mobile should look like this now (screenshot from my own personal Android phone):

I’ll check back in with the team that made the changes to ensure we have this mobile formatting dialed in for everyone, though!

Ok, but here is mine.

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Seems to be a light mode/dark mode thing.

Dark mode it’s still the big bright colours. But if I toggle to light mode it looks the same as yours @ZackeryWeimer


Great observation!

Got it, good catch! I’ll pass that info along, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Alrighty, we should be good to go on both light and dark modes now! Please let me know if you run into any other display issues.


OK, works like shown above now, thanks.

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:smile: my eyes thank you!


Wonder if they just shrunk them? Mini-skittles.

Definitvely looks better now.


These little colored dashes are not great interface design. They’re somehow prominent and also too small to convey information. It’s not an improvement on mobile at all. They also add a blank line at the end of every post in the listing of posts. Clunky


TIL there’s dark mode! My eyes are so pleased!

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I’m sure there are mixed views on this, with some people loving it, but personally I find the recent change to the main forum page (the lists of threads page) whereby the category title and colour code are now displayed beneath each thread title, to be really annoying…

This visual clutter makes it harder to quickly scan the list of threads to see if there are any of interest. I’m sure plenty (most?) of us aren’t much bothered about what category a thread lies within - certainly all I’m interested in is “is the thread subject of interest?” - and definitely not to the extent of having the category displayed so prominently that it clutters things up*.

Is there a way to revert back to the prior UI appearance?

* Battle of the OCDers? Categorizers vs Declutterers :joy:


I moved your post under one from earlier this year that is more closely related to your concern.

I noticed the change early last week and remembered this prior issue, but decided to wait and see if anyone complained.

It is most ikely from another pushed update in the Discourse forum software. I will ask @ZackeryWeimer to check this out again for us.


Thanks, Chad.

From the older thread, seems it got whacked on mobile but has now snuck onto desktop - but the good news is it appears it can be fixed! :+1:

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Thanks for the heads up! We’re taking a look into this now.


I realize this is possibly in flux, but it appears right now that Categories are “missing” or “removed” entirely???

This image above used to show the main categories like:

  • Equipment
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • TrainerRoad Software
  • Etc…

I agree that we were trying to remove the extra display lines shown in some viewing situations, but I sure would like to maintain the use of Categories as we’ve done from the start.

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A number of things aren’t right: the issue Chad mentions, plus some category titles are still displaying beneath thread titles on the main page, and the style/font size of posts has been impacted too.

At present, looks like work in progress rather than a proper fix.


Yes, work in progress at the moment – hopefully resolved soon! :slight_smile:


Your logo in footer on mobile is not scaling and as there is no overflow hiddien in main container whole page is moving horizontally.