The Work From Home Lunch Pictures Thread

Just like it says: post your pics of what you’re having for lunch! Hopefully we’ll get some inspiration here for quick, easy, tasty homecooked stuff to have rather than ordering in. First up - leftover black beans and rice from the weekend, plus a 60 second sautee of costco power greens with some salt/pepper/olive oil. Had a fat slice of roast pork tenderloin an hour ago as a snack and some extra protein.

With any luck we’ll also get some from the naughty folks with 3 martinis lined up at the bar at 1:30pm :joy:


I typically don’t WFH but my company has a full kitchen and we feed the employees breakfast and lunch.

Depending on my training schedule and cravings, I’ll mix it up but here are a few of my regulars:

mixed greens
habanero pickled red onions
banana peppers
maybe some seeds or other stuff we have kicking around

homemade veg chili, often w ground turkey

pretty self-explanitory but you can never have too many oats, especially when training


and carb count

because it’s been so long I’m counting calories and macros for the next week or two.


Burrito with pulled chicken and veggies (bell peppers, mushrooms and corn mixed with some chili sauce.
2 burrito’s are 634 kcal. 86g carbs, 12 fats and 38g protein.
Can make these in advance and put them in the freezer. Really easy and tasty!


Would be more interesting to see people post lunches they’re not proud of :slight_smile:


I have a habit of having tinned soup at my desk on calls. People assume its because I have ben working through my lunch time, and I choose not to correct them, but in reality I am still in my running/bike gear from the waist down having maximinsed every possible second of the lunch break for exercise.

Today I have a burrito full of veggies and rice. When I say full I mean that I will inevitably overfill it and there will be a lunch based catastrophe.


This will be me. I’ll take it for the team later. I have no idea what I’m having, so will be a surprise, even for me!


Apologies, only remembered after eating half of it :smile:

New potatoes, tuna, mayo, left over salsa from last night’s fajitas :ok_hand:t3:

Approx 620 cals (180 of those is the mayo!).


Rice noodles with chicken, frozen green beans, red cabbage, in a quick sauce of japanese bbq sauce, chili crisp, and fish sauce.


for the lovers of hot sauce, O’Brothers is delicious, cyclist owned and all organic


Proud? Not LOL. Slapping some rocket lettuce, leftover broccoli, leftover rice, Costco and cherry tomatoes in a bowl and cutting up some Costco rotisserie chicken is what I a “lazy but healthy” lunch. No pride. The laziness continued with pre-made containers of carrots and sliced bell peppers.

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You mentioned distinct vegetables at least four times, I don’t think you realise how far up the bell (pepper) curve you are! :wink:


So far today: a banana, an apple, and a granola bar. Oh, and coffee. I need to up my desk-lunch game by a lot. Keep those “make and freeze ahead of time” ideas coming… bonus points if I can easily get such meals to work via jersey pocket.

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I had some leftover lasagna the other day that, when I looked at it, did think 'that is precisely jersey pocket shaped." :joy:


As an aside - the 3 biggest game changers for me have been

  1. a rice cooker
  2. Rice stick noodles
  3. frozen veggies

All are great for minimal time invested in cooking. A handful of dry noodles go into a bowl of water at 11 am or so. After that…they just get tossed straight into a pan with some frozen veggies and leftover chicken for a 5 minute heatup.

Rice cooker…never had used one before…it’s not like it save real work. But not having to pay attention to a pot while I’m in the other room makes a huge difference.

Frozen veggies…same deal…never really bought them until I started cooking at home mid day for one.


We have a microwave rice cooker, about 10-12 minutes in the microwave and no more burnt rice on our stainless steel pans.

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Uni students in this thread;



Oh dont worry…i remember the days of cooking grilled cheese on a george forman grill in the dorm room…

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My senior year I lived in a house that was being remodeled and for a couple weeks we were forced to cook hotdogs using two forks plugged into a wall outlet. Electrocuted at 120 volts for the win!

Hmm, maybe today’s lunch is better as I didn’t ring any ‘bells’

Rocket lettuce, curried cauliflower and chickpea leftovers (including rice), Costco chicken, and 6 baby carrots.

My kids call it Grandma Sandy goulash. I call it a leftover burrito bowl. And tasty.

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Post workout lunch:
200g (when uncooked) white rice, 50g brown sugar, an apple, cinammon, cocoa, maple syrup.