The unsung hero: interval editor

I just wanted to say thanks to the TR team for being able to edit intervals after the fact from an outdoor ride. The interface is so much better than every other platform in terms of being able to zoom in, see the exact time stamp when the interval started from a power perspective, and then just dial in the interval to match exactly.

It’s a very small polish feature that I’m really appreciative of.


Yes, I’ve also appreciated the UI for interval editing.

Here is one I just discovered on my mobile phone after doing a max short effort on Tuesday:

Click on a duration, click View Details, and easily compare power bests at that duration.

Not sure how long that has been available, I just noticed it. Pretty darn sweet!!!


Those have been there since the introduction of the Analysis tools, AFAIK. I love picking a 2 or 3 seasons, and using the Weekly or All Time sections in particular. Really helps see the progression of time in some records over multiple seasons and even within a single season.

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