Favorite Stats on TR

What are your favorite stats or comparisons on TR? What does TR have that others like TP, Garmin, Strava don’t have?

I like the seasons comparison.

I think it’d be nice to separate MTB rides from road for power and such.

I’d also like to see NP rather than Ave Power over time segments. Like best 10 min NP.

I love the TP stats showing top three of the year and all time. One of my questions on the power curve is was that best a one off best power or do I regularly hit close to that power?

Anyway interested to see what stats people like on TR.

Ai ftp detection?


I agree on the seasons, and the time/duration PR graphs.
I do wish on the PR graphs it could/would show the top 2 or three, at least when there is only one season selected.

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One other thing that I really like is the coasting rather than putting all the 0 powers in zone 1.

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I like the zone progression fields.