The sprints at the end of Collins +1

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I had this workout [Collins +1] today. There are 3 x 20 second sprints at the end. How do we know if we are supposed to do a sitting sprint vs an actual jump?
Aim for the power or just go for it?
On a fluid trainer.


Pick a gear, aim for a cadence, check the power after. If power was too low, either pick a longer gear or aim for a higher cadence on the next one; if it was too high, pick a shorter gear and maintain cadence.

It’s a slightly more sophisticated version of “just go for it”.


There is not info in the main description or goals of the workout page. There are no Instructional Notes in the ride, so I would just do what feels best. Likely jump up for about 5-10 seconds and sit back down to finish the sprint, as that is a common drill in other workouts.