The Podcast - Too much biology?

*[b]ut [g]iome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re constantly testing things out and trying to improve, so I really appreciate this sort of feedback (and from all in this thread)!

While it is true you can’t please everybody, we can always unify ourselves on the mission of making people faster. It’s our goal to get better at focusing the deep dives (and all of our content) on that mission.

In terms of guests, we have plans for that and more big improvements to the podcast in the future.

Stay tuned!


I’ll admit that much of the deep dive discussions goes right over the top of my head (and I am not likely to implement much of that stuff anyway…not enough juice for the squeeze, IMO), but nonetheless I usually pick up a few nuggets along the way.

The beauty of podcasts is that you can just skip ahead to the sections you want to listen to…


I could not disagree more. I love the biology deep dives and the many new subjects that are introduced. The only thing I would say is that the question about suspension spacers and settings should be saved for the next much anticipated episode of the MTB Podcast…@Jonathan. Any idea when that will be available?


Agree with keeping the podcasts shorter… maybe 30 to 60 minutes total.


I personally love the sports physiology stuff, and I think the guys go a good job of making it interesting enough without being too dry. Each to their own, but it is good to mix it up and learn some #science :slight_smile:


I have listened to every podcast essentially from the beginning, many episodes more than once. The only ones I often, at least partially, skip are the atypical off sight guest podcasts. I really enjoy Chad’s deep dives. I also enjoy the casual banter and chat that often occurs at the beginning before the question/answer session gets rolling. I feel a bit of a letdown sometimes when @Jonathan says, “Let’s get straight to the questions.” I find myself exclaiming out loud in the car, “Wait! What? No talk about @Nate_Pearson’s giant bucket of oatmeal or his mechanical mishaps?”


I don’t understand it all, but I like it, FWIW. It sounds like I’m in the minority.


+1 in support of the deeper dives into the biology. I think they’re great.


Deep Dives are great… I find that I may not need the information at the moment but I’ve come back to them later on.

For a free podcast with ZERO advertising (other than TR) there sure is a lot of complaining…


Damned them and all that information they’re getting for us *shakes fist at cloud in the sky




I selfishly like the longer format deep dive podcasts. Having listened to almost all of them, and a few other cycling podcasts regularly too, this one is the one where I feel like I’m learning something rather than just listening in on background conversation I don’t care about. There’s always a point where I lose track of what coach says, but I still feel like I’ve learned something to apply to my own training (or, more accurately, learned to trust what I’m doing). I get it’s not to everyone’s tastes, but the technical stuff fills a gap in the cyclist podcast niche.


Agree. I can’t make it through the deep dives. Used to love this pod, need to get back to basics. Still waiting for them to address polarized training.


I am in the orthopedic community and have been reading clinical studies for the entirety of my professional career. I have also been an athlete my whole life and believe it’s important to understand the science behind our training methods and appreciate there is a ton of snake oil peddlers running around. Consequently, the reason I really like this podcast is the objective discussion about the data. Keep it coming guys.


Maybe no one in the US/EU is racing, but there is half the world in summer


The deep dives really interest me, learning about human biology and my own. It’s all practical information that can be used for myself and to pass on. So I’m +1 deep dives.


I actually find a lot of value with these deep dives. Really helps put perspective into “why” you would choose something over another. I personally think having more information is always more powerful than the other option. Perhaps I am just a lover of science and reasoning behind choices, but I would be pretty butt hurt if you guys instead chose to skim over stuff too much without explanations. Sure, I can read scientific journals and come to similar conclusions, but I think the discussion is an important part of science and the continuous development of training/theories. It will only make everyone stronger and smarter athletes.


And if I wanted to just have a “topical” treatment, theres tons of youtube videos or pretty general ways to get information. The deep dives and explanations and discussions are what differentiates you from other forms of media, and TBH is one of the reasons I feel a-okay subscribing to TR, even if I was injured or took a year off


Pro road tour, DH, XC, Enduro, Track, Triathlon etc are all over for the season is what I mean.

The only thing that is “in season” right now on a global basis is Cyclocross :slight_smile:

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