Feature request; rolling latest 6 weeks as "season" in Power graph/personal records

Feature request;
I would like to be able to see a rolling “latest 6 weeks” graph in the Power graph/personal records. This could be one pre-arranged season which can be shown or not.
This is available in Strava, but I dont look that often on Strava in the indoor season.

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Hey! Is there a feature beyond Career > Personal Records > Custom Range that you’re looking for? You could put your 6-week timespan into that range!

Edit: forgot to address your ‘pre-arranged season’ question, this can be done as well by creating a season to use for future comparison, where you can select a certain date range!

I don’t want to speak for him…but I think he’s asking for a rolling window of PR’s from the previous 6 weeks. Sort of like CTL for power PR’s. So that you can always see your recent highest powers.


This isn’t currently available in TR’s PR chart but you could also use intervals.icu to see this. Though I know that’s yet another website or tool you would have to use and it would be cool if something like that was in TR.

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Yup, pretty sure he wants the “rolling” version that is automatic and always associated with the current day back. Doing Seasons works, but means you’d have to edit it each and every day you want to see it.

The rolling power profile is shown in other apps/services and I suspect that is what is requested here.


Correct as others said, rolling last 6 weeks :slight_smile: