The long ride. How long, how often and with what energy?

Tips for say a cat 1 road racer. How long should the long ride be? How often? With how much energy before and during the ride?

Is this different, or the same question as this one?

Thought of it as a different question. More practical. How do you do and how would you want to do regarding the long ride in terms of duration, frequency and energy intake.

Typical advice is a long ride once a week, usually low intensity (zone 2) and in the 3-4 hour range, eating little and often. But, this is highly individual, you’d need to try your duration, intensity and nutrition out and see what works best for you.

This may give you some further guidelines:


Why little and often, I would have thought just eating little to encourage fat usage as one of the standard benefits of the long ride. Definitely eat enough that you can finish the ride without undue stress, but this definitely seems like the kind of ride where “underfueling” is acceptable / desired.

Like I said …

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