The Ironman Training Thread 2023

The bike is a beauty! What BTA bottle is that?

I am looking for something that is easy to refill, but doesn’t splash to much. I’ve used a Xlab Torpedo, but got irritated, so went back to a regular bottle cage BTA.

The bottle cage is actually angled up slightly. It’s a Speedfill r4, and it grasps the bottles almost too well. I’ve never launched a bottle, but it is a little hard to get a bottle out of there in the heat of the moment.

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Thats what I have on mine and have had no issues with it. What have been your problems?
(I replaced my bike specific profile design hydration system with Torpedo Versa 500)

I had to go look, its a bit older now, Its the Torpedo Versa

In a race I don’t care so much about some leaking, but during training it get infuriating to constantly have it dripping on to my legs ( IE its 40-50 degrees F right now)

it finds a way to leak frequently (granted some of these may be self inflicted) (I did get the refresh kit a couple season ago but it still finds a way to leak) …

  1. the plastic refill cap has to be pushed all the way in or it leaks - there has to be a better way
  2. the bite mouth will drip if any fluid is left behind - again self inflicted
  3. the little air valve at the front will fall out when cleaning it, if its not there its basically a blow hole.

I sold my Premier. That was a great bike! But I almost crashed twice on a downhill at IMTulsa because I had no braking power with carbon rim brakes. It was either change to aluminum brake tracks or go disc. I put it on the market for a few months and if anyone bought it, I would go disc. If not, aluminum wheels. Someone bought it so I ordered the frame. Took 7 weeks to get it.

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That BTA is proprietary to the frame. It’s an add on from Trek. I have a cage bolted on top of it. I’ll take a pic and share it. I am a big fan of just putting a cage BTA for water and having nutrition BTS

did you bought the frame and source the rest?
I looks amazing man!
Just curious about the decision of deep wheel instead of dish for the back.
Also curious abut the headset… I am not super happy with the system on my Andean and maybe looking to get something better. TriRig looks like a good option.

My ftp is certainly higher but I don’t think i
Can do that every time I change it to an alternate though it changes it back

The frame set comes with the cockpit. It’s got a lot of adjustability. So far I’ve had only 1 ride on it. It’s angled at 15 degrees at the moment and I wish it would go more. I think there are only 2 complaints so far from the masses. 1 is that the extensions are proprietary so people who want to use different extensions are whining about that. Trek has said that they are testing an adapter to allow aftermarket extensions but I have no issues with the stock extensions. The other issue is the toolkit compartment is a tight fit! I got my stuff in there but it did test my patience. In the end, I unrolled my tube and finagled it inside the down tube and got it to work.

As for the other parts, I didn’t have disc wheels and had to buy those. I got a good deal on BF on these. The HED 60 vanquish disc set cost me $1300 total. If I wanted to go disc disc in the back, it would cost me $2000 extra and I can live with being 90s slower over an IM distance and keep my $2k.

One of the reasons I got the frameset was because I use 145mm cranks which they don’t offer and I already had 11s ETap on an even older bike that I transferred over. I’ll just put mechanical on that older one and sell that frame. I actually had the Tririg AlphaX cockpit on that older one but the extension clamp broke and they don’t make new ones. It was a good cockpit. I do recommend them. Also look into Aerocoach and 51speedshop if you’re looking for cockpit.

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Time for FTP change :sunglasses:

I’ve got 2 weeks in the end of build

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that is a very unusually short cranks…

Short legs :leg: :joy:

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@cbandyxxx the mass starts that scare most of us are a thing of the past. IM swim starts are now self seeded and only a small group go off at a time. Even the local triathlons here in Melbourne are doing the same thing. It makes for a far more relaxing start.

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@mattystorey001 there’s a good drink mix recipe with sugar and maltodextrin on Cycling Tips (4 table spoons of sugar & 2 tablespoons of Maltodextrin (about 90G Carbs). I add a teaspoon of Magnesium powder (also helps with flavour), half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (flattens out the taste) and a tablespoon of Sol (1680mg of sodium: saturated Himalayan Rock salt). During events I will either take a ziplock bag with more of the same except ground salt or make a concentration I can add to water. Control the controllables.

Still one of the best looking tri bikes out there!

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I know, ive been doing halfs instead of fulls. im capable of a 32min swim but if i line up in the right position than i ALWAYS get in a fight in the water and panic and have to swim out of the way. So ive been starting last and swimming through the field which i dont mind, but than when I get to transition its full and i have to cycle through everone, as i average 2hr25 on a flatish course. Now, im not complaining as it Probably only costs me 5mins but on the full distance its really going to cost me.
My plan is to do some water ufc in practice, luckily my mates have a lot more confidence than me but are a bit slower swimmers, so they’re going to try and hold me back at the start of every open water session!

Hi all, I’m wondering about which specialty plan to choose ahead of Tremblant 70.3 in June. Last year I used the full distance LV plans leading up to Lake Placid but in specialty I was just aiming for time in the pool as far as swimming went and was dealing with run injuries, so I was only compliant with the bike workouts.

I’m currently following LV sustained power build plus a long endurance ride every weekend alongside BarryP run training, with swimming to start soon. I’m looking to use TR strictly for bike workouts, ideally three quality workouts with an added long outdoor ride each weekend. I had 40k TT selected for specialty but it’s just 3x threshold workouts every week which might be great stimulus, but too taxing with running and swimming thrown in. MV Olympic is seemingly more intense, with vo2max/threshold/threshold-tempo. LV half distance specialty is threshold/tempo/tempo for four weeks, then vo2max/threshold/tempo-SS for the next four weeks. The plan I’m liking most is the Century specialty plan, which is threshold/vo2max/SS every week (exactly like my current sustained build plan), giving a good variety across energy systems and not making me dread more than one of each type of workout week to week.

Thoughts? The intensity of the Century plan appeals since I’ll be getting my LSD ride every weekend and don’t need tempo workouts to fill out the week. I’m wondering what others do and have done, since I couldn’t find too much discussion in the triathlon threads about specialty phase in terms of bike workouts specifically, especially since adaptive training launched. The AACC podcast suggests matching the plan to the type of ride/race (in my case, 90km bike leg vs 100-160 century ride), but the discussion has always seemed vague when dealing with triathlon plans.

Plan builder, LV half distance, set the tremblant date and go.

No one gets in a fight. People can’t swim straight, have no spatial awareness and it is crowded with nervous blind and deaf people. Approaching the situation as if it was a fight makes you part of the problem.