The Ironman Training Thread 2023

The wagon is moving and I am chasing it down the road with one hand barely holding on.

Running has continued
Biking is slowing
I may have forgotten how to swim entirely.

With no races on the calendar, I am realizing that it is easier to skip and justify. After writing this I am realizing I should spend some effort time finding an event, any event, to get the ball rolling. Thank you for the call out.

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Does anyone know what Gatorade product they’re dishing out at IM events this year?

I assume it’s the endurance formula staff but wanted to double check before shelling out for a tub to test pre-race, the stuff doesn’t seem easy to find in the UK.

Just did a PL4 version. Ran out of time but those “surges” to vo2 are tough to recover at threshold.

No way I could do Spickard +2

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Thanks Joe.

  • I completed 8 weeks of Half Ironman HV Base. Finished it feeling very healthy. This is my first season taking on a HV plan.

  • I’m now 2 weeks into Half Ironman HV Build. I feel great so far despite the long ride shooting way up in volume…as well as the sudden injection of intensity on both rides and runs. So far I am managing the workload well, and my body is responding better than I anticipated.

NUTRITION: my big change this season, so far, has been semi-tracking my nutrition intake. I had this idea that I wanted to bulk up a little bit during the base phase (I do a lot of heavy lifting during base). Force feeding myself about 4000 calories a day was successfully achieving the weight gain i was looking for. However, once the build phase started my weight gain has completely tapered off. My early/initial takeaway is that I was DRASTICALLY under fueling myself in past seasons.


Well, this should be fun. Every tempo workout over the next few weeks is above 10 WL:



What plan is that?

Long distance, high volume, build. I have an FTP test on Tuesday, so maybe those levels will go down.

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An those workouts look ok, it’s the PLs that are mad - you’ll be fine.

On another (unrelated) note, who are you leaving your bikes to?

Those workouts don’t look like tempo. They are sweet spot. There is no way you can be doing tempo and get a 0.86 IF at the end of the ride. That’s why they are mislabeled. Probably best to send a ticket to support. That is about the same as Phoenix+1, which is a SS 7.9