The Black Bibs: feedback?

Not “the black bibs”, but the Rion (Aliexpress and Amazon and probably direct) are of the same ilk.

For $30-33 delivered (in about 2 weeks from China), these are fantastic.
-Stitching quality is the same as all my “good” shorts that go up to Elite/$150 Pearl Izumi
-Chamois is comfortable, but not the nice perforated top layer I have in my Pearl Izumi or my Volers. It’s better than my Prorace shorts or my NZO’s, and is fine, especially considering it was 1/5th the price of the pearl izumis.

I would say that these are comparable to shop shorts that are in the $80 range, maybe the $100 range. If they had a perforated chamois top layer with a softer fabric, then they’d be right up with my pearls’.

Between Aliexpress and Amazon, there’s over 3500 reviews, and near 5/5. There are reviews that after a few rides some people found the fabric started to fail. I’ve only done one 45min trainer ride, and will hold off a review on aliexpress/amazon until I have used them 25 or more times.

For the average TR user who rides 3-4 times a week indoors for mostly 45-90 mins, then some of these seem like a no brainer to save your expensive shorts for the road/longer rides. I suspect I’ll use my oldest shorts on the trainer, then these for road rides up to a couple hours, and the Pearls’ for the all day missions.

There is a version on amazon with a pro chamois that is for longer rides. I’d have bought those if I’d seen them when ordering.

Rion shorts

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Chamois looks pretty poorly stitched in place otherwise not bad

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For what it’s worth, I bought some bibs from Amazon (I think they were only 32 dollars), and they were identical to the $40 bibs from ‘the black bibs’. The brand was called ‘cerotipolar’.

Thanks for sharing. For me, that style chamois is torture, but if you like it, it does look like the one on the Black Bibs I bought.

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I hear you on the chamois. I have no discomfort/chafing/saddle sore issues with this style, but prefer the Pearl Izumi Elite or my really old Volers which have a different fabric style on the top, and some perforations.

Still, for 45-90 min trainer rides and say up to 3 hours outdoors, then I’m fine with $33 shorts. Blackbibs seem fine, but really seem to be no better than what you can buy for $30-35 on Aliexpress. I’ve not tried the $16 aliexpress shorts (many reviews say the $16 ones look nothing like the photos), so I’ll skip those.

Next time, I might look to see if there is a $50 aliexpress short that has the name brand chamois. So if Rion are a $80 short for $33, then I’d maybe be able to get a $150 for $50.

All in all though, I’m feeling good about the purchase, and provided extended/frequent riding doesnt lead to skin discomfort/damage, and they don’t fall apart to the point that I can’t use them on the trainer, then I’m loving them.

As for the chamois stitching, yeah, that is a quick/cheap zig zag stitch and not the nice pearl Izumi two rows of single stitching. So I take back that they’re as well made as my pearls. If you bought some local shop kit made this well or you had a recreational race team that had kit like this, you’d be very happy. It’s not Rapha or Pearl etc, but a huge improvement over many local bike shop or event kit.

Which bibs are these with the orange chamois? I might be willing to give those a shot.

That chamois looks just like what’s in my older Pearl Izumi

@Pbase @Cleanneon98 - Yes, Pearl Izumi Elite.

Generally they’re $150 shorts, but I have got one pair that was $55 at the outlet in Park City back in 2018.


If you are M or XL, or XXL, then at half price, I would totally get these Pearl Izumi elites over some $30 or $40 Aliexpress/Amazon no name shorts with the red chamois. These don’t show the chamois, but list it as the same one (or latest version) of the orange one I pictured.

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I have some Black Bibs and I hated them. This is a very personal thing, but even in less than an hour of riding they’re really uncomfortable. The chamois flattened after a few rides.

I get the budget part. If you only have $40, then it’s probably hard to find something better at that price (many good suggestions here tho). If on a budget, I’d rather go with DHB or Sportful, they have similar priced options.

But in any case, I don’t think the Black Bibs are the best bang for the buck. You get so much more from the more traditional brands, and they often go on sale. Even if they’re more than twice the price, I’d rather have 1 decent bibs and handwash them every day than 3 that I hate.


Its mostly been covered but as a strategy I would find less expensive bibs for trainer rides and the more expensive name brand stuff for outdoor rides.

The trainer rides can be less intense on your bum since you’re probably doing intervals and with a good bike fit and technique you’re unweighting your body from the saddle a bit during these efforts. They are also shorter, maybe only up to 90min so you can get away with less pad. You’re gonna need 3-4 pairs though to get through a week so you don’t want them to be $100ea unless money is growing on trees in your area!

I bought black bibs for my kids on our tandem rides since they had kid option. The pad is a bit bulky but I have not heard any complaints from them. I was going to get a few pair for my trainer rides but haven’t pulled the trigger.

Since pad/fit is rider dependent and since $40 is a pretty low cost to try things out, I am willing to give it a shot when my current trainer bib set runs its course.

All my bibs right now are Pactimo though. I use the Ascent Vector line indoor/outdoor and keep a pair of the Summit bibs for outdoor, group ride days only. Summit line fits much better on me with my large hips and thighs as they stretch more easily…they are really nice. I will probably go up to “12 hr bibs” with the next purchase. My friend has some and they look even more pro and he has no complaints.

I’m the exact opposite. The trainer is when “comfort” matters the most for me. Outdoors I’m moving all around and changing cadence, taking breaks for traffic, etc. Indoors I’m sitting in one position for 90 minutes and only changing position at most every 5 minutes or so and only for a few seconds of saddle relief.


haha, we’re all different I guess!

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