The Black Bibs: feedback?

Who’s using them and how are they? Considering a few pairs for indoor and outdoor just because of price. $40 for the regular bibs, $65 for the plus version with the better leg gripper. Not sure if the extra $25 is worth it, but how have they lasted for you as far as stitching, comfort, chamois, etc?

For me, they are horrible. I know they get a lot of love on the internet, but they are the most uncomfortable chamois I’ve ever purchased. I realize that chamois comfort is personal though, so here’s a picture so you can decide for yourself.


Thanks for that. Seen the pix, just hard to tell how comfortable they will be. I don’t have issues with my 3+ year old Pearl Izumi bibs, they’re actually so old that my now larger legs and ass can barely squeeze into them anymore, that chamois is worn down! Then again I know there’s some pretty bad stuff out there.

Im not sure what you mean. What does the chamois you like look like? If it looks like the picture above, then I would think you’re safe. If, on the other hand, it looks flat like these Assos or Rapha, I would be concerned. This is the only way I think you’re going to be able to guess if they will work for you.

What’s your issue with the chamois? That it extends out to the sides so far? These are mine

Those look like the Assos and Rapha ones I posted. The Black Bibs ones look like big raised hard spots (and for me at least, that’s exactly what they are)


I’ve got 4 pairs of them and really like them for different purposes.

Two of mine are just the shorts and I use them on the trainer. I don’t like bibs on the trainer.

Two are the regular bibs (non-plus) that I use on my gravel bike which is a more upright relaxed position.

They don’t work so great on my road bike which has a more forward aggressive position. For that bike, I prefer a thinner pad.

I’ve had the, for two full seasons now and they have held up great. No issues at all with the stitching and I take no special care whatsoever when washing them. They get chucked in the wash along with everything else.

I don’t really think the leg gripper thing is worth the extra $25 although without them you’ve got a little bit more careful putting on your leg warmers so they don’t fall down.

I have a pair of the $40 bibs and I like them. I will be buying a pair or two more in the Bear future. To be fair though I have never spent much money on bins or shorts so I do not have super nice ones to compare them to.

Can anyone compare to pactimo? I could use a couple cheaper training pairs to keep my expensive ones lasting longer.

I just picked up the $65 version a couple weeks ago. Quality is fine, fit is comfortable, I love the fancy leg grippers. Chamois is too far back, but that’s true for almost every pair of shorts/bibs I own. :woman_shrugging:

(I’m in Norway, so I normally have to pay import fees on foreign goods. The bibs were declared with a $20 value, which was lovely.)

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For me, the chamois is really bulky, and feels like I’m wearing a diaper, which you don’t get with any quality bib brand. Also it seemed to me that the bibs didn’t breathe as well? All I know is that I don’t get chaffed with any other bibs, except Black bibs. I use them only for trainer rides no longer than one hour now. I really wanted to like them, but for me they didn’t work.

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I’m tall (6’1”) the normal size was just too short for my legs and the straps were tight. I’m considering the tall version but when you add $25 to the cost it’s not as attractive a buy imo.

The $40 pair keeps sliding up on my thighs higher than any other bib I’ve gotten in the same size (a lot of bibs ). I think it’s a great deal, but would go with the $65 for the leg gripper if I buy it again. The $25 seems worth it

I have a few pairs of the $40 ones and I love em. They’re comfortable, don’t ride up my leg like some other brands I’ve purchased, and so far have shown to be pretty durable as well

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They are fine, and reasonable value for the cost. They fit me and are comfortable but I found that they aren’t particularly well finished, untrimmed threads, cuff seams don’t line up and I don’t find the extra $25 (60% premium) for the grippers worth it. They don’t hold any better on my legs

Good to know about the leg grippers not making much of a difference. Might just not be the bibs for me. Which is unfortunate because they’re a good price. What else is there around the $40-$65 price?

Really? I’ve done 3-4 hr rides in mine with no issues and countless hours on the trainer with no issues.


You won’t be able to run leg warmers on the bibs without grippers. I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.


I love them. I have four pairs that I just rotate through for my trainer time. I’ll probably buy a pair of high end bibs this year for long outdoor rides, because the black bibs leave a bit to be desired on 5hr+ rides. They are a tremendous value for trainer rides.

I actually did a video about them a month or so ago, if you want to see the full thoughts:

Short version if you don’t want to watch the video: I wanted to love them, I heard great things about them online, and they didn’t work for me. The fabric was actually the part I was most nervous about and impressed by: much smoother and better feeling than I expected. The stitching was good. The chamois just didn’t work for me at all, to the point of I gave up like 20 min into a workout because I couldn’t finish it. It was physically further back than any other chamois I’ve ridden. It felt like the chamois was behind my butt. Very strange.

I also bought one of their summer jerseys for indoor training: very light jersey and it fits me well. I like it quite a bit, but it smells on my more than any other jersey I’ve ever worn, even in like 10 min. I suspect it’s just a body chemistry thing between me and that specific fabric, but it’s got a smell I just can’t stop.

Bib: Great for the price if they fit you. Jersey: Pretty good overall.