Thanks for the swag TrainerRoad team!

I’ve never won any sort of competition or raffle sort of thing, but am super stoked to rep trainerroad. Been using trainerroad for the last 3 years, and love the structure behind it, the deep dives on the podcast, and best of all, getting faster! You guys are the best!



Man, that looks like a sweet mug. Congrats dude!

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I won too - still waiting on mine though. So excited!!


Very jealous!

I was really hoping to snag a mug!

Awesome! I was really hoping I’d be one of the winners. Super jealous of the coffee mug in particular.

The mug is great, although it really does keep hot drinks hot FOR EVER so be careful :grin:.
In fact, all of it is great, the t-shirt fits perfectly. My wife’s eyes rolled when I showed her two more bike bottles - I need my own kitchen cupboard for them but she doesn’t get how limited these two are! She’s been warned, no using them and no putting in the dishwasher!
Thanks again for my swag, now time for another competition for a cap :wink:.

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