Texas vs Utah vs Oklahoma full distance

I’m looking for some course in April/May 2022
Which one would you recommend and why?
I do not live in the USA, so the location does not play a significant role for me.
Looks like Oklahoma is more tolerate in terms of water and air temperature :slight_smile:
But any opinion would be appreciated.

I can tell you Texas will have heat and humidity, a lot of humidity. I don’t know what the actual average temperature is but I do live five hours away and I would say the average high listed on the Ironman website is overly optimistic. Same goes for Tulsa in May. Both races will more than likely be in the 80s unless a cold front blows through.

St George will definitely have the better weather and better scenery. If I was picking I would go with St George, but I live in Texas so the weather in April and May starts to warm-up and get stupid humid. Plus Utah has mountains and just better views.

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Only course I’ve been too is St George (raced the 70.3), and this track is brutally hard. The elevation on both the bike and run course make it very formidable.

However it is also unbelievably beautiful and unique - and Zion National park is just outside of town. I think you can also fly into Las Vegas.

Texas is in Houston I think, flat, hot and humid - No thanks!

I watched Tulsa on the live broadcast this and it looked really nice, however I heard the road conditions were not popular. Road cracks every few meters made the ride very jarring.

I would go with St George, knowing that the course is no joke

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I race Tulsa this past May and thought it was a super nice race. It ended up raining for most of the swim and bike portions, but it cleared up and made for really pleasant partly cloudy for the run. The bike course would have been quite scenic had it not been for the clouds and rain. Some people thought the roads were a bit rough but it was not bad and we were adequately warned. I would certainly recommend racing IM Tulsa, however I have no experience with the other two venues. I would expect that Texas vs. Tulsa will have similar enough weather that it shouldn’t be a deciding factor. St. George will certainly be mush less humid

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For the moment I’ve registered for St. George.
Tulsa would be on my check list but not this year.
Thanks to all for your opinions!