Bike Fit Critique + 2 year plan/goals (TRI)

Long Post Warning!

Hey all! Love the forum/podcast/TrainerRoad in general and I have learned so much! I have learned I love indoor training for many reasons but that is another story for another day.

Here is the story for today, I am an ex-college baseball player turned triathlete and have been doing ~5 sprint or Olympic distance races per year for the last 4 years. I have had a few decent races when I can string 5-6 weeks of consistent training together but that has been difficult as I just graduated from Pharmacy School and also have a 3.5 year old daughter.

Here is the story…

I live in Utah, USA and as some of you may know the Ironman 70.3 World Champs will be held in St. George, Utah in 2021. I know this is a long shot to qualify but that would be amazing to race a world champs in your own backyard!

SO here is the plan…

Continue to build a solid base this year (2019) by racing sprint and oly distance races through September or October following a mid-volume TrainerRoad sprint program. November time I will start a Half Distance training plan with my first race of 2020 being 70.3 Oceanside (wanted to do St. George but they changed it to a full for 2020). The goal for this race is to get a feel for what the distance is like and to test things out. The A race for 2020 will be 70.3 Boulder in August as it will be a qualifier for WC’s in 2021. I want to give myself a few chances at this.

In 2021 I will aim to do St. George 70.3 in May as a potential qualifier and to race to course. If by this time I still haven’t qualified I would then try to find another race to attempt.
I know this is a long shot as a not so fast person (yet) but it is giving me the motivation that I need and have been looking for.

Here is a little about me I am 6’2” tall (~188cm) and currently weigh 200 lbs (91kg) down from 230lbs in January. I intend to be at 185-190lbs by next spring which is realistic. My bike is a 2011 Cannondale slice in size 56cm. Most recent FTP in the aero bars was 220 watts putting me at 2.42 w/kg.

Mostly here for a bit fit critique but figured if I put my goals out there it makes them REAL and will help to hold me accountable as this is a long-term process.

Never been professionally fit, this is what I have come up with over time by observing other threads and trying to mimic good fits.

Bike Fit Video

A new bike will be an option in about 6-12 months but until then this is what I have to work with. Video was taken after doing Baird-1 and at around 90% FTP.

Thanks for persevering through the long post and any input would be appreciated!!

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You have a bit of fore-aft movement on.the saddle that moves up to your shoulders. I wonder if you are not fully settled on your saddle? It might be good to see if you can lock in a bit more.

Otherwise, it looks like a reasonable fit. It seems you have the option to drop the front a bit if needed.

Hip angle, saddle height and arm position look reasonable as well. Assuming you are comfortable, I don’t see any big red flags.

As to power, do you know your FTP in a more upright position? Just wondering about the difference between your aero power.

I did a ramp test on my road bike, did sweet spot base low volume (on my TT bike but using the road bike ramp test, as getting back into triathlon was a recent decision) then went on a 10 day vacation, ate a like crap, and gained 5 pounds. I then did a week of easy rides when I came home and did a ramp test on the TT bike this time and tested the exact same as the previous test on the roadie (220)

Ok. At some point, it might be good to get some work or a test in up and aero to see what difference exists. Might set a target to aim for if the difference is really large.

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