Reno Area Question: SS508 Bike Choices

Hoping folks in the Reno area may have some advice. Looking to do the SS 508 this year as a self-supported rider and am debating between using the road bike or the tri bike. Both bikes would work for what I have to carry. I’m very comfortable riding aero on the tri bike. The tri bike is definitely faster on the flats, especially on windy days, but it seems MUCH slower on climbs. Elevation on the course seems to be concentrated on just a few big climbs and from the maps, they look long but not that steep.

Any advice or thoughts about a TT bike on those climbs?

I have aero bars on the road bike, but the configuration is not that adjustable, and they are not nearly as comfortable or as slippery as the TT for long stretches. My longest ride to date on the TT bike has been 400-M with about 12K of elevation. The bike did just fine on that ride, but the elevation was rolling rather than real climbs.

My understanding is that, some years, the winds can be brutal!

SilverState508 Revise · Ride with GPS

Full 2023 race report from @Cory.Rood

What is the gearing on both bikes? How comfortable are you descending on the TT bike? I hit 48mph without really trying. Not a speed I personally want to be doing on my TT bike.

For doing it ‘rando’ I would pick a road bike(preferably a lighter weight aero version) with a set of clip on aero bars and getting that position dialed.

You are right, all the climbing is concentrated in 6-10 climbs, but the last climb up 6 mile Canyon is pretty steep, especially the last mile or so leading in to Virginia City.

I did it as a supported rider last year. I’m also not inexperienced in self supported racing. Happy to answer any questions.

I’m still a bit salty about zoning out and hitting that post 100 miles in :sweat_smile: Don’t do that, no matter what bike you pick!

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