Testosterone, Explosivity, Leadout Trains and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 318

How are testosterone levels, recovery and adaptation affected by hair-loss drugs, how do you train explosivity, and how do you build an ideal leadout train? We’ll cover this and more in Episode 318 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Tune in for the YouTube Live Stream today at 8:00am Pacific!

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Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How to pace yourself in a fast race
  • Do hair loss treatments make you a slower cyclist?
  • Surging vs. steady power: which is best?
  • Who is your spirit Disney character and why?
  • HR Monitors and Adaptive Training
  • The hosts analysis of the Olympic Cycling events
  • How to build an ideal leadout train
  • Should cyclists focus on explosive or slow and stable strength movements?

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So I have to embrace my receded hairline? lol


Lean into it. Aero gains!!

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Felt incredibly uncomfortable with Nate telling Amber she was wrong about xc racing. not cool.


What is the caffeine seum chad bought?

Why? They don’t have to agree on everything right? Think it’s good that they share different views sometimes.


I have one question. Chad says at the beginning of the podcast that he knows very little about swimming. If that’s the case who created the triathlon swim plans?

Not sure if it’s just me, but a whole 15mins on swimming felt really out of place on a ‘ask a cycling coach’ podcast. :hear_no_evil:

TR offers Tri plans, and considering this is the essentially a preamble to their triathlon challenge announced a while ago, it is unlikely to be the last focused on swimming. More of that and running discussions are probably on the horizon (not to mention they’ve covered swimming at least a couple others times in the past episodes).
As with any other topic they cover, they don’t apply to, or interest everyone. So skipping ahead in episodes can be used here like any other section.


Sure @mcneese.chad but maybe swimming and running discussions could be listed in the ‘topics covered’ or show notes as a heads up. :slight_smile:

Ideally, yes. But as is the case with many episodes, the live nature leads to discussing unplanned topics and not covering planned ones. Some flexibility on their end and ours is a necessary thing.


I like to think of Coach Chad as the Chuck Norris of TrainerRoad. “How often does Chuck Norris Chad change his bibs? Chad never changes his bibs!” :slight_smile:

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Yes. Also does drinking coffee reduce hair loss or do you have to shampoo with coffee?

Oh no! I had a very different take on it. At TrainerRoad, we really enjoy and encourage constructive debate within the company as a whole, and all of us podcasts hosts like to rib each other a bit with little teasing comments like “you’re wrong.” I can assure you from our perspective, this exchange fell squarely into the category of using slightly teasing language to bring up a new/different perspective in answering the question. In this instance, I was particularly glad Nate disagreed with me, because his explanation made me realize that I hadn’t clarified how my “road” analogy mapped onto the MTB application. His playful “you’re wrong” opened up a different facet of the conversation, and gave me a chance to clarify that point, too. Most of the questions we answer don’t have one clear correct answer, so it can help to leverage “disagreements” to explore other perspectives on the same topic. The hosts are all very sincerely and deeply respectful of one another, though some exchanges don’t always come across to the audience in the same way as we ourselves experience/interpret them. I’m sorry our exchange felt uncomfortable! Hopefully this helps alleviate that a bit and provides some context and insight on how we all relate as hosts.


Am I alone in wishing the (usually pro body image) podcast would’ve also mentioned to poor anonymous that hair loss is totally fine and you can really own it if you want to — rather than plugging caffeine shampoo…

I think that’s totally fair, though I believe the “caller” did mention that they wanted to keep their hair or something to that effect. Bald can be beautiful, but so can hair. To each their own with no judgement about what you want for your head.