Tennis Elbow? from cycling?

I started getting elbow pain in fall of 2019 during pushups. It was always on the inside of my right elbow, where the muscles connect to the ulna, approximately.
Came and went.
Now I have what appears to be classic tennis elbow symptoms, pain on the OUTSIDE where muscles attach to the radius.

Question: anyone else get symptoms like this from cycling? (MTB primarily).
I’ve long been a rock climber so 10+ pulups and 50+ pushups in a set were within my capabilities. So i don’t think it was a sudden load on inadequate muscles.
Squeezing the life out of the bar on descents?
Mouse and keyboard work?

I have had golfers elbow (inside) for over a year now, started when with too much rock climbing too quick. Gets inflamed with pull-ups so I now do sets of two with 1-minute rest. It sucks seems like it never goes away. But Mountain biking never inflames it.

The best way to manage it is to lower the volume or take out any exercise that gives it pain and wait a long time. But I have heard horror stories of it taking years to go away. Maybe worth getting it checked out with a phyiso if it gets worse.

This is 100% N of 1 and bro science but I am totally convinced both types of epicondylitis are muscle imbalance in nature.

I fought with this for years from lifting and to much keyboarding. Rest never helped, half a year off and it came back in weeks. Therabar twists helped a great deal, hammer rotations helped even more. Take a 3lb mini sledge hammer. Hold it the normal way, let the weight drop counter clockwise, return to center, drop clockwise, return to center. Full stop at each point. Try to get a bit of stretch but dont over do it. Dont use momentum for any of it. For the therabar, do high rep forearm curls and reverse curls by twisting the bar. Sets of 25-30 should be pretty easy before you move up a color. The jumps between colors is actually bigger than would be ideal.

I bet you are squeezing the bars pretty hard with lots of leftover grip strength from the climbing. Maybe try those thumb hook things they talked about on the podcast a few times and see if you can spend more time with your shoulders more externally rotated (elbows more down than out)

I’ve had golf elbow going on 1.5 years now, and switched from right elbow to left. I think its a combo of golf (love playing) and phone holding for long periods of time. When holding my phone for long periods of time (watching YouTube etc. while waiting for wife to finish her makeup removal routine for bed) I notice pain the next day.

I’ve gotten both tennis elbow and golfers elbow over the past 5 years. Hard to say what causes it - cycling, lifting or climbing. But apparently it’s very common when you hit your 40s.

There’s stretches you can do to help. As well as wearing a brace something like this:

I showed tennis elbow symptoms after a manic house-cleaning episode once, so… anything is possible :laughing:

oh yeah. also, nearing 42 so that makes absoulely (shitty) sense.

Thanks folks. Definitely read a couple of relatable themes here:

Gripping bars
Shoulder posture

Muscle imbalance a possibility as well. I do have 4lb sledge and 15 lbs therabar. so i can get to work on both of those options. Also have an Arm Aid from climbing days. It’s like a foam roller for your forearms. We’ll see if any myofacial or muscle tension is putting undue stress on the tendons