Tell me what to use: Erg, Standard or Resistence mode

Just tell me what to use. I am using Erg mode which feels really challenging. I am new to using a smart trainer and am using a Wahoo Snap Kicker. When do I use standard or resistance mode?

Thank you.

Standard is kinda nice since it is a progressive curve that is more like outside and what many fluid trainers provide.

Resistance is a linear power curve, that is more like older magnetic units of old.

ERG is handy for workouts where you may want to just pedal and let the system pay attention to resistance (vs you having to shift and adjust your effort in the other modes). It can fall short a bit for short and sharp efforts like sprints, and so many people do those workouts in a different mode.

Really, this is all personal preference and it’s best to try them yourself. Some people like one or the other, and many use a mix depending on a given workout or training goals.

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