Tech question - Producing torque data from garmin vector pedals and wahoo head unit


I need to get some left and right torque data to use to see how i produce power and where its produced in the pedal stroke.

I have borrowed some Garmin Vector pedals, the original pod ones and i need to pair them with a Wahoo Elemnt bolt head unit. Anyone more tech savvy than me able to tell me whether i can get the data i want from this set up?

I need to be able to produce ten minutes worth of data on my pedalling to send as a file by e mail to someone.

Power is the product of torque and speed (read: cadence) so you can calculate torque by dividing the power by cadence.

Torque (in-lb) = Power (W) * 84.5 / Cadence (RPM)

I assume you can get the power numbers for left and right separately over time?

Sorry. Not looking for a torque figure. I need a torque graph which plots my torque throughout each pedal stroke. I am looking at having a chainring made that will be increase and decrease in size based on where I produce the most and least torque throughout the pedal stroke. image|526x500

I expect wko5 could produce the graph for you and if you’re lucky a chart might have already been created for this but if not then I wouldn’t know where to start.