Garmin Vector 2s

Hello guys,

Anyone of you out there, who has a Garmin Vector 2s (one-sided) I had mine for a couple of years now - and i cant remember, if theres needed to torque the pedal some precise amount of nm? The issue im having is, that the power numbers just seems off… its seems right when i really push the pedal, but when im pushing moderate it seems that i dont give out much power at all.

Yesterday i was at a race. Finished with 40km on a hilly route (400 meters altitude) with 36.5 km/t and my avg power where only 156watt, and normalized 207. I weigh 81 kg - and some much lighter guys than be had like 240 avg power. Just seems off?

Any ideas?

Garmin recommends a torque value of 25-30 lb-ft when installing Vector, Vector S, Vector 2, or Vector 2S pedals on your bike. In order to achieve the most accurate data from Vector, we suggest the use of a torque wrench along with a 15mm crow foot adapter when installing the pedals. Under torquing the pedals during installation can lead to inaccurate power data, potential damage to the pedals pods or cranks and possibly a safety concern if the pedals loosen from the cranks over time.

Follow the instructions above, and if you’re still unsure, you’re lucky that you’ve pedal-based power. Just ask one of your riding buddies, who also has a Look-based pedal system and an alternative power metre (crank based, wheel based, etc) to install them. You’ll see pretty quickly how accurate/inaccurate yours are vs. theirs!

Yep, follow the torque instructions, and if you’re still not sure, take it to your local bike shop and ask them to check for you.

I have Vector 2S, and I always find that the first half hour after installation is always a bit wonky, and then I calibrate again, and then they’re fine.