[SOLVED] Garmin Vector 2 - Calibrate Installation Angles without Head Unit

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to set the installation angles for a set of Garmin Vector Pedals without a head unit? I picked up a pair used clearly without doing enough research.

Or perhaps, can anyone suggest the cheapest head unit possible that would allow me to properly calibrate the pedals?


If you are a TR user I believe that as long as they are torqued to the right spec all you need to do is open the TR app and start pedalling and build to 90 rpm. Once you start seeing a power number than click on the pedals under devices and calibrate. The process is the same on my Wahoo head unit.

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Thanks!! I’ll give that a try!

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These is correct, although it only has to be +70 rpm for a certain amount of time, it automatically senses the angle then. I found this out the hard way the day before an event when I changed the battery and no power was displayed (it was because I was pedalling clipless pedals in my trainers, just doing a system check, and never getting above 70 rpm, an hours panic and going to a bar to get a wi-fi connection to research the issue was stressful.) As soon as I put my cycling shoes on and got to 70rpm for half a dozen revolutions all was good. This was for Vector 2S, not sure on the RPM needed for other versions.

PS I had a Wahoo head unit, but no head unit is needed. There is the Garmin app where you can set the crank length 172.5mm is the default if not set. You can set the crank length in various head units as well, if not set correctly you get slightly higher or low readings depending on the length or your cranks vs the value set, 172.5mm if you’ve not set it.

Thanks Guys!!

When I initially popped the pedals on, I saw 0 power and started troubleshooting.

I replaced the batteries to reset everything, and sure enough after only a minute of riding, power data started coming!

Also - as for the crank length, I used the vector firmware update tool, which let’s you set the crank length.

I’m in business!!

Thanks again for the help!