TdF Riders vs. Regular Humans (NYT Gift Article)

The NYT had a really fun article with some terrific visualizations that compared the performance of this year’s TdF riders vs the distribution of regular athletes as measured via Strava results.

Sharing the gift link here so you don’t need a NYT subscription to read it.


I think the article is misleading. Generally saying that top pros are a bit more than twice as fast as the median amateur.

They’re actually much, much faster than that. Prior to these climbs, these pros were casually cruising along at 25+ mph for several hours, after several days/weeks of racing.


Yeah, but how do they compare against JJ Watt?



It’s pretty fun what you can do with Strava data. Good article :smile: !

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Ditto on the article…very cool read.

Thanks! That was a great read and watch!

If I had Rafał Majka or Sepp Kuss pacing me up those climbs I would be much faster…………not
Good article