Pro vs Amateur Times

The NY Times did a nice little comparison between Pogacar’s time up the Col du Tourmalet and 53,000 amateurs on Strava. (Video here). The below graphic gives a nice comparison between him and the 50th percentile time.

Those guys are so dang fast


And bear in mind the riders that share their time up there are probably already the top 20% of cyclists / riders that go up.


On a related topic, this feels like a cool opportunity for Strava. If you’re a pro, you would get a “Pro” tag similar to what the blue check used to be on Twitter. And then separate the KOMs by Pro and non-Pro. I’m sure the pros don’t care much but it would be nice to filter out the pros on KOMs and let amateurs go for and hold KOMs on iconic climbs.


Would be easy to do, Strava already has the double red chevrons to flag pros

That would be cool. On the other hand, I have a top ten on a local climb and a pro has the kom. I feel it adds more kudos to my effort as it’s associated with him.

I’m realistic in my estimation that he is a much much better cyclist than than me (he’s won some GT stages) :joy: