Well I feel inadequate (pros vs joes)

Just sharing because I got a kick out of watching, this is from the Tour of Portugal yesterday, the stage was near my parents’ hometown and ended on the summit of our local mountain, which I got to ride up a couple of times last summer (and would love to go back and just do all my workouts there for a three week block, maybe I’ll host a camp to subsidize lol).

The guy got the KOM in 21:16 avg 372w (probably a bit higher NP), my time was 40:19 avg 240w (260w NP 3.7 w/kg). Safe to say I’ll never approach that time!


That’s interesting. There is a hill in Adelaide called Norton Summit which the tour down under do everything year. It’s 5.4k long and the record holder is Damien Howson with the best time of 11:29 for the ascent. Damien is the only rider to crack the 12-minute barrier, which isn’t surprising when you consider he had to average 477 watts

I don’t have a power meter but I take over 20 to get up there. I don’t do it regularly and have not done it since using TR so I look feed to going again now I have 12wks under my belt. Needless to say like you I am not going to nudge anything like those guys.