Tarmac SL7 Release date

Say what???

I’m new to cycling and have only dealt with my LBS.

It’s shocking to hear some of the feedback in this thread as my experience has been completely different.


  1. When a bike launches (e.g. Roubaix) they will have a demo day/group ride in which you can try the different bikes in the range.

  2. They keep a demo fleet of new models, size 49-61, sport/expert/comp and pro models all available to rent ($45 per day that goes towards purchase of bike).

  3. Test rides…if you want to take it for a spin around town, just drop a CC, ID and have a member of staff ride with you.

Even during the pandemic, I’ve test rode 5 bikes (Diverge 2022, Tarmac Pro, Creo and a few Roubaix).

Now they did mention they had to wipe them down or whatever covid precautions.

I guess I’ve been lucky as my LBS has been amazing. Reading these comments makes me appreciate them that much more.


I think a lot of it will be down to where you are and the space the LBS has available. I’m in NYC where space is at a premium and everyone is miserable so service was generally pretty poor. Also during the first few months of COVID, virtually no bike stores were allowing people inside, instead offering curbside assistance only.

I get that offering test rides don’t often make sense for LBSs both due to the cost of having a test fleet and because there are so many variables that can impact ride quality. The thing that bugged me is that most bike stores didn’t seem to really care whether I spent money with them. If I’m spending $5k+ on a single item, I don’t want it to feel the same as buying a pair of pants from Brooks Brothers. I ended up buying from the LBS I went with because he offers a free bike fit when the bike is above a certain price.

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On the other hand, from less civilized part of the world - LBS (at least locally) do not offer anything other than:
Bring your money, you maybe will be serviced and we would be interested in you…but maybe. You want a test ride? So buy a bike and after that we have this big 50m^2 parking lot and there you can have your first ride on the bike.

The only dealer that offered me test ride was a BMC and it was the only lbs that was remotely interested in selling me the bike (didn’t buy any yet). And this is not only my experience but also the experience from other people. The pinnacle of “customer service” was when I was buying a stem for my old bike and the salesman after hearing what bike it was laughet and told me that this is too good steam for my “shitty bike”. So that is why I do not see any value in support of my lbsps. What is really interesting the level of customer services is not changing when I was buying a bike for a 1000usd and was talking about leaving 4000-5000 usd, experience was similar.

RE test rides, I was trying to organize some test rides of XC bikes, and was living in Park City (i.e. a mtb Mecca). Basically, I’d have to not buy a bike until very late in the season if I wanted to test ride any of the bikes I was looking at. What’s the point in waiting until August/Sept to buy a bike? If I’m buying a new bike, I want it basically as soon as the snow has melted and the trails are ready.

To me, early/pre-season, there should be test ride events daily and over perhaps a 100 day period, so anyone that wanted to try a bike, would have a couple days in their state to make it work.

This would be for road and mtb.

Or at the least, a test ride through the manufacturer where they BikeFlights.com the demo bike to you, and you have 72 hours, then send it back.

Here it is, upgraded to 2x


There is not a business model in the world where that would be sustainable. You are talking about 100’s of thousands of $$ just in equipment investment.

So nice man, if I had the parts I would get just the frame and build it from zero.
The white one looks hot.


Yes, I totally agree. We can’t get just the white frame over here. Otherwise I would have built it differently ( Shimano instead of Sram groupset ) . But, yeah, the white color really stands out with the black wheels.

Not sure where you’re located but we’ll get the white pro frame set in the US later this fall. I’m seriously considering going that route

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Really nice!!

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Are those Red chainrings on the force crank arms?

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Yes good catch


Looks awesome!

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When I was considering which bike to buy from my LBS, the owner literally grabbed his Allez Sprint off the wall, adjusted the saddle, pumped the tires and gave it to me for a long weekend ride to see how I liked the frame. From what I can tell, he’d have done the same for any of the other bikes I was interested in. The shop also has several sets of carbon wheels that they will let you test ride on the weekly group ride.

His philosophy is basically that nothing sells a product better than trying it out in a scenario you’re familiar. That will let you actually feel the difference. If you try those 60 mm rims in the group ride and you suddenly are at the front of the group when you’re normally at the back, you’ll notice and it will influence you to purchase. Smart dude, even if the concept carries some risk.


Dude omg

Does specialized release a Bennet special edition, given that they didnt win the TdF or have Sagan in Green to release a Sagan or GC winner bike.

This one does look pretty cool. (Bennets bike from Sunday’s stage 21 TdF).

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I should have googled

" Specialized is making 100 limited editions of the Bennett frame design, which will cost $6,500 with a portion of all proceeds going to the Outride Foundation, an organisation dedicated to proving that cycling benefits your brain. Through research, cycling programs, and grant-giving activities, Outride provides evidenced-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health."


Unless I missed it earlier in this chat, but curious if any new SL7 owners have tested out the tire clearance on it yet? They saying 32mm was something I really wanted to try out but still waiting for mine to have a go

I have had 30mm tire on the Rapide rims, and there was loads more clearance. 32s would fit easily.

Has anyone tried to install a D-Fly wireless unit (EW-WU111) by connecting to the junction in the seat post? Connecting to the Junction A seems like the easiest way to install one of these, but then the wireless unit might be too far from the front of the bike to connect to a bike computer.