Need a voice of reason! Specialized SL6 or SL7

Sorry. I am having some issues with making up my mind on what to do. I am actually annoying myself (and my wife :slight_smile:) and I need your thoughts. I have Aeolous 50 Pro wheels, so only upgrades for me would be the Aerofly II bars and a PM.

I bought an SL6 very recently and the shop is willing to let me return it and get the SL7. However, I am stuck in mud with it and I can’t seem to make up my mind. I am frustrated that I waffle back and forth and it really is mostly due to the wires of the SL6 of the front and rear brakes. My SL6 is Di2 (which I love).

I originally wanted a new Emonda because I heard great things about it and the new ones have cables hidden. I loved the look. It was not available until January (from my shop) and I decided to go check out Specialized over an hour away. I rode the SL6 and was sold. Bought. Then 5 days later the SL7 comes out. The only color I like is the Expert Silver version. I do wish it was all silver, but it’s pretty nice. My SL6 is the black patched carbon one. Pretty cool. I need your help convincing me I am either being an idiot, that the 2 wires aren’t that big a deal and to put on my big boy pants. OR I need you to convince me to just freaking do it.

Some reasons I am hesitant.
-New Tarmac is $5k. I got the SL6 for $3800.
-I also want the Aerofly II bars. I will get them for the SL6 if I don’t get the SL7. I will wait on the bars for the SL7 because the shop wants $150 to install them, on top of the $300 to buy them. That seems pricey to me. I can’t do them myself.
-A $5k bike is $5300, new bars on top would be $5750. That is a significant jump over my current bike purchase of $3800 (tax included). If I get the bars on the SL6, it will back to original price…but still have brake lines exposed (I know, I can’t help it).
-If I stick with the SL6 bike, then want to upgrade to a SL7 frame later on it is $3k, on top of what I have already paid…so then I waffle back to just spending the $5k now.
-I have some bike stuff I plan on selling…2 wheelsets and a powermeter that I think I can sell for around 1200ish. That would help offset the amount I would need.

*Maybe the 2nd stimulus will pass and I will get that money too! :slight_smile: :grinning:

Sorry for the book. I like my bike a lot, enjoy the ride, but wish I didn’t have the 2 wires. I am also not sure I am in love with the silver, but I do like it. I did ride both bikes back to back last weekend, and eventually kept the SL6. I thought I was done with all of this, but I think the bike lust just keeps coming back!

SL6. Save the difference for future upgrades.


Probably should add, I have Aeolous 50 Pro wheels (great price from a buddy). So, only upgrade I would need would be the Aerofly II bars, and PM.

First thing that I was thinking was, keep the SL6… Then I saw all the options and things that you wanted, and in my mind it makes more sense to get the SL7…

Now, the bike itself won’t make you faster (you know what I mean), but, if you really like to have the latest, and integrated stuff, then get the SL7.

It might keep you from sitting and always thinking “I should have gotten the SL7”…

I am the same myself :stuck_out_tongue: So I would return it and get the SL7. And then know that you are riding the latest and greatest for a few years, no need to upgrade anything :smiley:


Honestly the smarter choice is SL6. Having said that there are a lot of things you want so I’d say just go with the SL7 and have no regrets. You’re gonna be spending money anyway so what’s 1,650 and the new bike.

If everyone is cool with it and you can swing it just go for it. I’d ask them to waive the install fee.

No regrets!


Not a bad idea to waive the install fee. Didn’t think of asking that.

Can’t hurt. You’re buying a new bike and new bars. :man_shrugging:

It’s gotta be worth it for the upgrade to the 1990’s bottom bracket.


The sensible choice is the SL6 but I think you know you want the SL7 and are just looking for a justification. If you’ve had the SL6 for a while, and still feel like this then you should probably upgrade. That doubt/regret will only get stronger when you see next year’s SL7.

I went with the SL7 because there was better headroom for upgrades than the SL6 and because it’s the new one and will be the latest model for a few years at least. And I don’t plan on changing to another bike for at least 4-5 years.

You should probably get a test ride on the SL7 see if you prefer it?

Keep the SL6, buy the bars, spend the rest on your wife.


It all depends on your financial situation. Since this purchase is pure emotional and if you can spare the money, buy the sl7 otherwise don’t change anything (no compromise ;))

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keep the SL6 - the shop are trying to upsell you.

Wait a year for the SL8 and you could pick up an SL7 at a reduced price


What that guy said!
In all seriousness I was in the same dilemma last year having bought a brand new Scott Addict RC and then they announced the new design about a month later. Now I hadn’t ridden mine yet as I was still recovering from Shoulder surgery. Shop gave me the same option as you. I held true and kept the prior model. It was hard to do and I went back and forth on it for about 2-3 months if I made the right call. Over a year later and I can confirm I made the right call. A few guys got them and I took one for a spin. Aside from looks nothing really was any different. The ride quality and responsiveness was no different to me or atleast I couldn’t tell. The integration was nice and looked good but in the end it doesn’t really matter. I can still smoke one of the guys on our local routes and the other can still blow me out of the water :smile:

That’s my slightly related experience.


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I thought about that too. Thanks guys. I think I’m going to buy the bars for the aerofly II and stick with the SL6.

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Good choice. Hiding two cables is not worth the extra $1600. The SL6 is a fine bike. Specialized has really pushed the price on the SL7.


Save your money, do the planet a favor and get a long service life out of the materials items you own.

Don’t buy into the complete marketing BS from bike manufactures. All current high end road bikes are almost identical. They certainly won’t make you faster. Training does that.

Enjoy your current bike. Ride it in more beautiful and exciting places with the money you’ve saved not buying the latest and supposedly greatest bike.


Honestly, my issue was I just love the clean look and clean lines of the new bikes with the hidden cables. I really love the ride of the SL6, and am glad I got thru the stupid mental issues and made my decision to stick with it.

I realized I didn’t love the paint options of the 7, and maybe someday in the next few years. But I had my previous road bike for 14 yrs.

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I got the aerofly bars installed, and requested a wire cleanup. It is much better. I feel like the wires are much cleaner now.

*Are the hoods of the shifters too far down? I feel like I am reaching more on this setup rather than going right to the same position as before. The bars they replaced are the same profile. On the bends. I don’t feel as if my hoods are level with bar top, like they were previously. What do you think?

Here is a bad shot of my previous wiring…