🚨🚨Specialized issues recall / Stop Ride notice on Tarmac SL7 🚨🚨


The leaked notice explicitly lists the new Tarmac SL7 and bikes sold between July 2020 and September 2021 as the only models affected. The previous generation Tarmac SL6 and the now discontinued Venge are seemingly unaffected.

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So what exactly does this mean? Is this beyond Tarmac then and into Diverge and other models as well?

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My reading of the (admittedly a bit confusing) wording is that this issue/recall only applies to SL7s made btw july2020 and sept2021 (all of them).


I believe the “and” is serving as a conjunction linking the model and dates when the bikes were sold. IOW, it is for SL7’s sold between those dates, not the SL7 and “other” bikes sold between those dates.

And yes, I just used “conjunction”….:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See i read it like that first as well, then went back and the fact that it spells out the SL7 specifically but then states AND bikes dated X through Y, makes it appear that it could be ALL SL7s and then other bike models between those dates.

someone failed engrish.


Ronan is no doubt a skilled athlete, but I’ve noticed many times that he would benefit from a good editor.

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And now the fun after ‘Specialized drops Mikes Bikes’ begins…


Looks like the article has been updated with comments from Specialized….including the following:

Only Tarmac SL7 models already on the road will need this improvement

Presumably, retailers will also replace any damaged forks, although it’s unclear exactly how dealers are to evaluate them given that damage to carbon fibre structures isn’t always visible on the surface.

They should just replace the forks too, without evaluation.


Up oh, DurianRider is going to love this.

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Had my recall notice email from the retailer I purchased it at already… sigh

Not making light, but this is funny wording to me:
At Specialized, the rider is the boss, and that means ensuring the bikes and equipment we make will provide years of safe and confidence inspiring performance.

As if you need your boss to tell you to make sure the bike is safe?

But anyway, yikes. Steerer failures are such a scary thoughts. Fork failures seem to be a not-terribly-uncommon recall.


Don’t think it’s going to be that big of an impact in the Bay Area. Note from Cognition below:

Please call Cognition Cyclery at 650-393-5031 and schedule a warranty appointment. We are going to try to get at least 3 SL7’s done per day with appointment availability starting next Monday 10/18. If you riders have any questions, feel free to have them call us. If it helps at all, we have sold more SL7’s than just about any dealer on the west coast and have yet to encounter the issue that is sparking this voluntary recall at Specialized but I am glad that they are being proactive in protecting their riders and our customers. Thank you for your time and understanding.

My bike is due for 90-day tune-up, and it would be convenient to have both taken care of by Mikes Bikes. Not sure if that will be possible.

The diverge doesn’t have the same cockpit design with internal routing and this bad compression sleeve. The diverge actually has a wholly different type of situation, with the future shock. I bet this could be an issue on the latest Venge though, which is the same cockpit configuration as the SL7, as far as I can tell

Schoolhouse Rock rocked :metal:


Cool that suddenly, in a design which worked since the 1880s, we are now “innovating” the steerer tube to the point of failure.

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Highly doubtful.

Tbf, Cannondale, BMC and even canyon? Have had fork recalls. While the design is simple the reliable execution is difficult with carbon or even aluminum steerers and they take a pretty high impact