Tarmac SL7 + one piece Barstem

I’m looking to put an integrated one piece cockpit on my sl7 specifically the blackinc barstem. Black Inc Integrated Barstem | Black Inc

Has anyone tried this or knows how it would look on the bike?
My stem isn’t slammed all the way down so I’m worried about the tarmac spacers looking funny with the shape of the black inc stem and the fact that on the tarmac stem the cables don’t actually go through the stem rather are run underneath and into the spacers. Would i be able to run the cables through the stem and directly into the head tube?

Any pictures or info would be greatly appreciated

I´m on the same road.


Haven´t found a full fitting cockpit yet.

I was not able to get my cables to hide smoothly into the head tube.

I’ll take some more pictures of my setup this afternoon.