Help picking a light bar and stem

I’m building a light Tarmac for road races where the deciding factor is on a climb.

I’m not up on weight weenie stuff. What’s a good bar and stem that’s not going to kill me? What kind of weight am I looking at too?

The rest of the bike:
61 S-Works Tarmac
Quarq DZero 175mm
CLX 32 Disc
GP 5000 TL 25mm
160mm RT900
S-Works Power or Fizik Saddle (I have both, not sure which one I’m going to run)
Probably Supacaz Super Kush tape

As you can see this is not totally weight weenie; but it should be pretty awesome!

Hi Nate, if I may suggest. I have switch overs the years in all my 5 litespped to the provide stem aluminum ( I am not a fan of carbon, on this front end of the hike ) and bar as they are not only super light but also extremely responsive to a 195 lbs -6’2 guy like me which I trust very much in doing track start ( stomps ) as well as spirits .

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I just listened to Podcast #152 “Component choices that make you faster with ENVE composites”, it’s not always about weight @Nate_Pearson but I do like my Pro vibe sprint stem (120mm, i think it is 205g maybe) and Pro vibe aero superlight bars (40cm width, 200g).

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I also use the Pro Vibe Aero Carbon bars. I don’t use the Superlight because I am heavier (84kg) and I like that the high stress parts of the normal bars are reinforced with Innegra to reduce the chance of catastrophic failure. I routed my hydraulic cables and Di2 wires internally.

The Sworks aerofly is listed at 235g and the Sworks shallow bend is listed at 200g. I built up a tarmac this winter as a race bike and went with the aerofly. Minimal weight penalty and the aero benefit.

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If you want real weight weenie have a look at the Darimo ellipse bar and extralite hyperstem combo. This is a total weight of 189 gr lighter than most bars!

I use Enve road handlebar & stem. Used to have extralight combo and yes it was light, but until I tried the Enve combo I didn’t realize there would be such a big difference in comfort. Highly suggest Enve combo. FYI I’m also on an SL6.


I got an Enve compact road bar not long ago and couldn’t bond with it. It’s now on eBay and I’m very happy to have my 3T Ergonova back on my bike. Bars are so personal I’d go to a shop and try a bunch. All the carbon bars I fretted over are 200 +/- 10 gms (S works compact, Zipp SL-70 Ergo, 3T Ergonova/Superergo, Enve compact).

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Would an integrated Stem and Bars make sense? I’m going for the giant integrated aero bar with a claimed weight of 360g which is only 10g more than Enve Compact Bar and Stem combo whilst also having the aero benefits

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Easton E100 bars
Easton EC90sl stem


I’m a fan of the 3T Ergonova after trying a bunch of others. The comfort of them is the big draw to me along with a somewhat shorter drop and reach. I have the Team Stealth version but the LTD are claimed to be fairly light.

Can’t seem to justify a carbon stem from a weight standpoint yet, Pro Vibe alloys have been plenty for me.

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I tried a few combinations before deciding on Deda components. My set up is not aero as the main factor for me is also a lot of climbing, so I am happily riding on a Deda Superleggero stem (110mm / 115gr) + Deda Superleggera carbon bars (42 cm / 180gr). My current weight is 67k.


+1 for Deda components

I’ve built up couple of bikes now with Ritchey components which are both pretty light and aero. They’ve worked for me and might fit your criteria.

I ALMOST got this setup. After much thought I decided to go more “durable” and “light” vs “extra light”. So I went with s-works shallow bend carbon bars and works SL Stem.

Thank you everyone for the recommendations!


I heard the Black Inc integrated set up is super stiff; and the paint jobs are amazing. Check out their instagram! @blackinc i believe is the handle

Late to the party! Glad you went with the S-works. You couldn’t have gone with anything else with that build. Post some pics up once it’s finished as I’m betting it’ll look awesome!

Really nice combo, it’s just a shame they don’t have a -17 deg stem added to their very specific stem/bar sizing.

A stem that is often recommended on the weightweenies forum is the “kalloy uno ultra light stem” offered on ebay. 90mm is 100grams and ~$25 Feels sturdy to me; the (ugly IMO) graphics can be easily removed with some acetone.

At least for the bars, take a look at the Zipp SL-70 Ergo. It has a great shape / feel, and is pretty light - 205g for a 42cm C-C bar.

For bar tape, I’ve had problems with the surface rubbing off on Supercaz Super Kush tape right where my hands rest when I’m on the hoods… I recently switched to the Fizik Tempo Microtex Bondcush Soft, and I’m really liking it so far, and it is holding up well.