Integrated cable stem

Wondering if anyone had seen any other stem options that help integrate cables.

Profile design has this one

And Felt has this one for the IA

I’m looking for a better way to run my rear brake cable that enters into the top of my top tube behind the stem.

FSA ACR is what I know of. I have not used it, but am looking at it.

What kind of riding/racing are you doing? What bike is this?

From the pure vanity of it - yeah sure cables look ugly and I get the desire to hide them.

From aero performance perspective you’re probably not gaining much here as it’s pretty aero behind the stem already.

maybe even stem stiffness perspective you’d be giving up a lot probably too. Depends on the stem you have I suppose.

Felt AR with etap so it’s vanity for sure.
It’s only the rear brake cable that I want to run through the stem and out the back to tuck into the top tube nicely

It’s not the new one? With the integrated stem?

I wish.
It’s a 2018

You can probably contact felt support to see if that stem is compatible with your frame.

But the short of it - you shouldn’t do this as the bike isn’t designed for this. I can potentially see issues with steering etc… that are safety related.