Pro bikegear with 2018 di2

I’ve done some changes on the Trek SL 7 di2 with disc brakes. I’ve moved to a Pro vibe carbon handlebar and pro vibe stem, both di2 compatible. We’ve got the brakes line run through the bars and waiting on a wire extension so that the junction box can be run in the stem. The other thing I’d like to run in the stem is the wireless unit. I’ve heard of connectivity issues and was curious if anyone has had this setup and any issues.


Out of curiosity, where do you plan to plug in the charger or PC link with the junction box in the stem?

I have the Pro Stealth Evo bar/stem combo w/ 2018 9150 Di2… the bar isn’t technically designed to accommodate the bar-end junction box like yours & the rest of the Vibe line, so we had to drill some pilot holes to make it work… nonetheless, I also have the bluetooth wireless pod, but it’s actually down underneath the battery and above the bottom bracket. no connectivity issues in that location. Using a short in-line near where all the wires converge in the frame seems to be fine. I don’t know if the stem could block some of the signal if you put it there.

Control box will be the handlebar plug, so the control under the stem will go away. Pro’s video shows leaving the wireless dangling under the stem. Were gonna test it this upcoming Monday putting the wireless in the stem or ill leave it on the back of the frame next to the rear derailer where it is now. If installed in the stem, it connects to the garmin 1030, im happy with that. It will be pretty clean if everything goes as intended.

Here’s some pics so you can see the first step, moving the hydraulic lines inside the handlebars.

I don’t have any personal experience here, but I would expect the stem and stem end plate (aluminum) to significantly reduce the range of the wireless unit. How much it will be reduced… it’s hard to know. There are a lot of factors (power of the wireless unit, thickness and properties of the aluminum, position, wavelength, etc) that will impact the signal. At least your edge 1000 will be very close which should help.

The carbon bars should have a negligible impact on the wireless signal… do you think there is room to run the wireless unit in the bars instead of the stem?

There is an extension on the wireless unit now. That should be able to be plugged into the handlbar junction port, other end of the right shifter, the second connector in the junction port back to the… okay, think I found a potential issue.

Right now, the junction box is a three port connector, one through the frame to the back, two to the shifters. The handlebar junction box is a two port connector. There is a Y-connector to split the connection. I found a diagram where this was done. If we have that Y-connector, were good which I think we need it regardless. But it seems like you should be able to put it in the handlebars along with the junction box.

You confused me when you initially said you were going to put the junction box in the stem but that was cleared up when you brought up the handlebar end junction box.

I have the same stem and handlebars so I’m curious to see how it ends up for you. That Y cable isn’t cheap and when I measured my bike out I couldn’t find a long enough Y cable that would work…might be worth getting a scale out to check your bike. There’s an alternate method if you look in the Shimano manuals. One wire from BB junction box wire through stem and handlebar to Junction A (handlebar end). One wire from Junction A to right shifter. One wire from right shifter to left shifter.

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We initially tried the smallest, EW-JC130-SS which was too small, going next step up with the EW-JC130-SM. It’s for sure going in the handlebar on the right hand side (not that it matters which side), then we’ll test connectivity with the Garmin 1030 as previously mentioned. I’ll update the post Monday after we test it.

My original understanding was going into the stem. I have my local bike shop doing the work and misunderstood the install till I talked to him a little more this morning.

Hope it works out with the shop.

FWIW, Pro bars come with instructions that list the suggested wire lengths and were spot on for what I measured.

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That’s the stock Trek Emonda SL7 stack. Did a bike fit and we’ve never brought up the subject if they’re all needed but yes, quite a stack.

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I’m going through the same sort of thing right now, trying to plan out how I’m going to run my wires for my cross/gravel bike. I’ve also settled on PRO for the same reasons, they just have the right holes and spaces. I don’t want a junction box under my stem for weather and exposure reasons, so I’m curious how you end up. I’m using the RS785 shifters, so I’ve only got one port on the shifter itself, I cant say wire the transmitter to that spare port. I have to have a larger junction box to use it up top…

My current setup is the first bike and were moving to the second bike in the diagram. The wireless unit “G” just under the handlebar will be either between the shifter next to “F” or between The “Y” connection at “E” and the junction “D”. (lots of letters) It’s currently inline back at “C” zip tied to the frame, which looks good and no issues with it so far.

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Ended up with the wirelessly in the back where it was when we started, really clean though

What were all the wire lengths used?

From what I understand, the medium length was used and any excess is in the bars.

DIgging up an old thread, but is it necessary to have the wireless control unit EW-WU1111 exposed? I was going to tuck it in underneath the bb where junction B will be housed, but if there’s going to be connectivity issues maybe I should rethink.

I was also looking at the Pro Vibe stem as it enables me to hide the single di2 wire from the bars to the frame rather than going from underneath my aero bar into the top tube hole. Is the Vibe stem worth it? It’s really just to hide the one wire so I’m on the fence about it. But I am trying to keep the cockpit as clean as possible.

I personally think it’s the best way to keep it as clean as possible. (Vibe stem)

Anything internal for the wireless unit will cause interference. Back was the best place.

How does the Vibe stem work? Been doing some research, but can’t figure out how the stem works. The way I’m imagining it, there’s a port that allows the cable to go down into the steerer tube, but do you have to drill a hole through the steerer tube to get the di2 wire back into the frame again?

No, does not run down the steering tube, single line run outside, connects at junction in the stem.

Here it is zip tied to the hydraulic line through the frame to the back.

Best you can do unless you buy a venge or madone.